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Our Team

Kate Ward
EVP, Editorial
I lead the editorial teams at CafeMedia. When I'm not working, I can be found hanging out with my two girls at home in Massachusetts. I enjoy drinking coffee, reading the entire internet before 9am, practicing yoga, and yelling at people on Twitter.
Courtenay Smith
I've spent 20 years writing and editing for women at brands like Woman's Day, Every Day with Rachael Ray, and Reader's Digest. But CafeMom is the only place where every moment I spend with my 2-year-old informs what I read and write, and I love it.
Sheri Reed
Managing Editor
Hi there. I'm Sheri -- Managing Editor at CafeMom, as well as a writer and amateur photographer. I live in Northern California where I also work, watch birds, bite my nails, and raise two boys with my husband.
Matt Russoniello
Social Media Director
I have worked in digital media for nearly a decade, covering everything from LOLcats to Lady Gaga. The emoji I most identify with is is the one rolling its eyes. (Second place: moon face.) I live in New York, but I'll always be West Coast at heart.
Lauren Gordon
Senior Editor, Lifestyle
I'm a music and book obsessed nerd who loves writing about body positivity, inspirational people, and food. I have an intense amount of Philly pride and can often be found on my couch in Jersey crafting.
Mary Hawkins
Senior Editor, Audience Development
I'm a single mom of a cool dude and a pint-sized pup. When I'm not working, you can find me in a yoga studio or on an airplane. Travel is my boo. I live in a small town, but belong in the city or by the coast.
Jenny Erikson
Entertainment Editor
I'm a single mom of three girls in Southern California. When I'm not stalking celebrities online, you can find me at the beach, at a wine bar, or off making general merriment with my kids.
Elena Mauer
Content Lab Editor
By day, I edit special sections of CafeMom, which partially includes many brainstorm sessions. (Total dream job.) By night, I'm a soccer chauffeur, adjunct professor, wannabe gym rat, interior design fan girl, bedtime story reader, and kitchen singer.
Ashley Austrew
Associate Editor, Parenting
I'm Ashley, and I'm an associate editor at CafeMom. I'm originally from Dallas, TX, but currently living in the Midwest. When I'm not in my office, I love kickboxing, Netflix binges, reading great books, and spending time with my two quirky kids.
Tanvier Peart
Staff Writer
I'm a Baltimore gal, wife, and work-from-home mama of two who now calls western New York home. When I'm not writing, you can catch me at my MMA training center, church, Target, or pinching my husband's butt (not in that order).
Marissa Pina
Associate Video & Photo Editor
I'm a visual journalist who's just as passionate about identity politics as I am the Kardashians. When I'm not shooting, you can find me at home with my cats and a glass of wine.
Jamie Snider
Copy Chief
I worked in book publishing for several years, and I'm delighted to be part of the CafeMom team now. I'm still always open for a good book rec, though. I can often be found quoting classic Simpsons episodes and trying to plan another trip to the UK.