Last Updated: September 21, 2011

We created the CafeMom Group Guidelines to help all group owners, administrators, and members understand how groups are run and regulated on CafeMom.

About CafeMom Groups

  • Groups can be created by anyone who is a member of CafeMom.
  • Groups are run by Group Owners and Administrators, not the CafeMom Team.
Group Owners are responsible for the following:
  • Enforcing the mandatory CafeMom Community Guidelines.
  • Creating their own Group Guidelines for the group, as desired.
  • Removing any posts, comments, and members from their group that violate the Guidelines.
  • Deciding whether the group should be public or private.
  • Flagging the group as "adult" if it contains conversation that is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.
  • Following the Group Owner and Administrator Conduct (below).
  • Contacting the CafeMom Team if assistance is needed with any situation in a group.
Group Members are responsible for the following:
  • Familiarizing yourself with the CafeMom Community Guidelines and the Guidelines for the individual group prior to joining the group. If you aren't comfortable with what is being discussed in the group, you should not join the group.
  • Using the "Report Abuse" link within the group to report any potential violations of the guidelines to the Group Owner.

If the CafeMom Team is notified of any group where these guidelines are being broken, we will step in and deal with these situations. Again, these Community Guidelines apply to all groups, both public and private.

If a group owner decides to allow advertising or personal insults and attacks on members in the group, she MUST list those in the group guidelines for that group.

Group Owner and Administrator Conduct

  • Check in on your group regularly.
  • Apply the rules of your group fairly and without bias.
  • Respond to member inquiries, including abuse reports and applications.
  • Elevate any serious issues to the CafeMom Team.
  • Assign administrators to help with the running of the group.
  • Do not discriminate entry to the group, or ability to participate in the group, based on religion, sexual orientation, race, national origin or disability.
  • If you are no longer accepting new members to your group, post this clearly in the description of your group.
  • Make sure to post any updates to your group guidelines so that new and existing members are aware of what they are.

If you are unable to follow these responsibilities, please assign a new owner or contact the CafeMom Team and we will assist you.

Losing Group Ownership

The CafeMom Team will step in and replace a Group Owner if:

  • the Group Owner is no longer checking on the group regularly.
  • we believe that the Group Owner is using her position to scam or agitate members.
  • If we feel that the group is spiraling out of control.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any questions or suggestions — we are always here to assist you!

Enjoy your group and have fun!