About Our Ads

Do you ever wonder why you see the advertisements you see on our websites? Or what it means when one of the ads on our site has the Ad Choices icon on it? Here we describe how we use some common tools to decide what ads to show you and how you can control them.

We use common tracking technologies

We use common tracking tools, like browser cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies on our on our various websites, mobile sites, and any other platforms. (We'll just say websites from now on). Additionally, some of the partners we work with may use these same tools. These tools are used for a number of reasons on our site and by websites in general:

  • To recognize our users as they visit our websites
  • To remember passwords so users don't have to enter them every visit
  • To improve our websites and services
  • To better understand the interests of our visitors
  • To feature advertising content which matches these interests - a common practice called interest-based advertising or behavioral advertising

More about Interest-Based Advertising and the choices you have about it

As we described above, one way we use cookies and other tracking tools is to feature ads relevant to you. This might happen on our own websites or on websites run by separate companies.

To do this, we may observe what parts of our websites interest you - in other words, your behavior or browsing history. We also work with outside partners who help us gather this information. These partners help us both on our websites as well as outside websites.

You have choices about what information is gathered and used for serving interest-based ads. You can opt out of having us collect information about your interests and out of seeing interest-based ads by clicking here. The choices you make on these sites are browser-specific. So, if you use a different browser, you will need to opt out again.

We present some of interest-based ads to you directly and sometimes we work with partners to present the ads. These interest-based ads may be for the products and services of our advertising clients or for our own products or services. The Ad Choices Icon appears on any ad that uses interest based advertising. You can click on it to find out more about why it appeared and if you want to opt out, as described above.

Other ways you can control tracking tools

Many browsers also give you the ability to control cookies, usually through the settings menu - your browser's help feature will explain how. One particular kind of cookie, called a flash cookie, is controlled through your flash player, not through your browser. To control flash cookies, modify the settings on the Macromedia website here.

But remember, blocking cookies may cause some important features of our site to stop working properly, or to not work at all.