What's the best way to celebrate my baby's first birthday?

Real Mom Problem

“My son's birthday is only two months away. He will be one. I was going to try to reserve a spot at a park, but beyond that I'm clueless. I need a theme, an idea for food, and anything else that comes to mind.”

by kelbyelaine kelbyelaine

Quick Tips

  • 1. Decide if you want a big celebration or a low-key affair with just family
  • 2. Choose a fun theme to use for the cake, decorations, and party favors
  • 3. Consider getting your baby his or her own personal "smash" cake -- it makes for great photos!
  • 4. Use the party to celebrate your first year of motherhood, too!

Real Mom Solutions

Choose a Fun Theme

  • Wicked_Wahine2

    My baby will be one at the end of May and we are doing a "luau" theme. We're going to set up a little pool and have bbq. I think the first birthday party is more for the family than the kiddos.

  • BompsMum

    My husband nicknamed our baby 'dragon' so his first birthday party is dragon themed. My sister found this awesome site that shows how to put cupcakes into a dragon formation. I also found a vendor on Etsy who makes dragon cake toppers so I am getting one for my son for his smash cake.

  • sabelponte

    We are doing a backyard barbecue with just close family and friends. The theme is butterflies and bubbles. All the kiddos will be getting bubble wands, and of course there will be a smash cake.

  • Taylor.gibson74

    My son's birthday was in August and we had a pirate theme. He had a pirate ship cake and I decorated the table at the park with pirate stuff. We had sub sandwiches for the adults and all kinds of snacks and goodies for the kids!

Decide What Size Celebration You Want

  • CadeeBearsMOM

    My advice is to only invite a few people the child knows well! Send everyone else a picture card or something that says 'look who's one'!

  • Avr-88

    I don't think birthdays are big deals till the child understands, so I never had a big party. We just have close family stop by for cake, and we spend the $100 that we would have spent on a party on gifts for baby!

  • The_Doodle

    I think it's ridiculous to throw a huge party for a one year old.

Give Yourself a Reason to Celebrate

  • Turtledoves

    It's the first year anniversary of becoming a mommy too!

  • brittanyx22

    I'm definitely having a party. I'm probably going to have 20 guests at the most. It's more a party for me than for her. She will have no idea what's going on.

  • saral2790

    I'm throwing a party for my son's first birthday, and I don't care if he doesn't remember. It's about celebrating the first day of his life and I'm so thankful for every minute of every day he is here with us on this earth. Every birthday deserves to be celebrated.