What are some good non-alcoholic drinks to serve at a party?

Real Mom Problem

“My daughter's birthday party is coming up and we are doing a pink poodle theme. I am looking for good non-alcoholic drinks to serve.”

by mandyjh mandyjh

Quick Tips

  • 1. Pitchers of lemonade or juice can be less expensive than juice boxes
  • 2. Don't forget to have the ultimate non-alcoholic drink on hand--water
  • 3. Experiment and get creative with festive flavors and colors
  • 4. Create your own "signature" virgin cocktail that goes with your party theme
  • 5. Consider setting up a make-your-own "mocktail" bar with plenty of ingredients for adult guests to mix, as well as some recipe ideas

Real Mom Solutions

Need a not-so-stiff drink? These moms have some delicious ideas for kid drinks and non-alcoholic "mocktails" to serve at your next party!

Laura Wallis Laura Wallis

Our Expert Mom Says...

For party drinks, I like to cover all the bases. For kids, I usually have juice or other fruity drinks (juice boxes are easy but pricey, and the packaging is wasteful, but pitchers of lemonade are budget-friendly and easy to mix up ahead of time), plus milk and water. Don't forget about water! I've actually done that, and at a park or rec center with no easy access to a tap, it's a frustrating mistake. If it's a winter party, I'll add some hot chocolate or apple cider with cinnamon to take off the chill.

For adults, I often add some of those little, eight-ounce cans or bottles of soda and diet soda, seltzer water, and coffee. And I think it's nice to put together a festive, fizzy punch for everyone to enjoy. One I like is cranberry-lime punch, which is just a mix of cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, and lemon-lime soda or club soda, with scoops of lime or cranberry sorbet. Mix the juices ahead of time, then add the soda and sorbet just before serving to retain the fizz and the chill. It's refreshing and fun, and the bubbles give it a celebratory feeling.

Laura Wallis is a mom of two and a veteran food and lifestyle writer. She was a longtime staffer at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and still pitches in as a freelance editor on "Everyday Food" magazine and special issues, and contributes to a variety of other food, lifestyle, and health publications. She has also contributed to numerous Martha Stewart books, including "American Food" and "Favorite Crafts for Kids."

More Fun Drink Ideas from Moms

  • toomanypoodles

    My family really likes Fresca and cranberry juice, 50/50. It looks pretty in a wine glass, too.

  • Flaca43

    Sparkling cider!

  • amyjane22

    My mom makes a good spiced cider (apple cider and Red Hots is the recipe she uses).

  • momoflilangel

    I've made this punch before at work: Sprite, Hawaiian Punch and orange sherbet.