What are some good adult finger foods to serve at parties?

Real Mom Problem

“I'm hosting a party that'll start around 7:30 pm so I won't have to serve a big meal, and there will be about 8-10 people there. I'm thinking I need a few light snacks as it will be after dinner, so nothing too heavy.”

by KamsOne KamsOne

Quick Tips

  • 1. Let the time of day help dictate which finger foods to serve
  • 2. At a kid's party, don't feel you need to prepare an entire other menu for adults; a few grown-up snacks are fine
  • 3. Offer a small variety in order to please the most number of people

Real Mom Solutions

Having the right appetizers on hand is essential to the success of any party-finger food is often what guests look forward to and remember the most! Check out these finger food ideas from our expert and other moms.

Laura Wallis Laura Wallis

Our Expert Mom Says...

I try to offer a selection of snacks that suits the time of day. If it's a morning party leading up to lunch, I might offer mini bagels with fixings like cream cheese, lox, tomatoes, and capers. Mini muffins are also good for early parties, along with fresh fruit that's easy to grab and snack on, like grapes, or fresh pineapple chunks with toothpicks.

Later in the day, I like to set out plates of crostini - little toasted baguette slices, rubbed with fresh garlic and drizzled with oil, and topped with a dab of ricotta cheese, fresh tomato and basil, or an olive tapenade. Served alongside a platter of veggies and dip, or an antipasto tray with slivers of salami, cheese, and olives, these are a satisfying afternoon snack. If there are kids coming to the party, don't be surprised if they dig in just as much as the grown-ups do!

It's important to serve adult finger food at a kid's party, too. While I'm usually a big believer in one menu for everybody, sometimes the grownups need a little special attention. Let's face it, there are days when we just can't face downing another slice of pizza in between small talk. So at kid's parties I try to include some of the above adult-friendly party food, too.

Laura Wallis is a mom of two and a veteran food and lifestyle writer. She was a longtime staffer at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and now edits for "Living" and "Everyday Food" magazines and contributes to a variety of food websites and health and medical journals. She has also contributed to several books, including "Martha Stewart's American Food."

More Moms Share Finger Food Tips

  • KamsOne

    For adults you can serve a veggie platter, maybe a fruit salad, taco dip, and a dessert. Oh, and of course wine!

  • Kimedbs

    Some ideas for finger foods could be mini fruit kebabs, cream cheese and salsa pinwheels, brownies, hummus or salsa and chips/cracker/pita, nuts, cookies, and/or veggies and dip.

  • HiDi

    The spicy Chex Mix (recipe on the package) is always a party pleaser, and you can serve a basic port wine cheese ball, and chicken nuggets.

  • Habibti812

    For appetizers, I like making dips, like hummus, baba ghanoush, onion dip, spinach dip, etc. They can be made quickly and are always so tasty!

  • Bmat

    My basic easy appetizer is cheese, cherry tomatoes, and pickle cubes, on picks. I also like to put a block of cream cheese on a plate, pour a jar of hot pepper jam over it, and serve it with crackers.

  • bhwrn1

    I like Sweet and Sour Meatballs. Use 2 lbs chopped turkey meat, 1/2 cup plain bread crumbs, 1 egg, 2 cans tomato sauce, 1 can jellied cranberry sauce, and salt and pepper. In a pot (or crock pot), melt the cranberry sauce until soft. Add the tomato sauce. In a bowl mix the meat, breadcrumbs, and egg. Make small meatballs and drop them into the sauce. Let them cook for four hours (or more to really let the sauce thicken).