Should I bake a cupcake to use for my baby's smash cake?

Real Mom Problem

“For a first birthday would you use a cupcake as a smash cake or get a separate smash cake?”

by luckyme7 luckyme7

Quick Tips

  • 1. A smash cake is a separate, often smaller, cake for baby to enjoy -- and destroy
  • 2. Using a cupcake might mean less wasted cake
  • 3. Some moms give baby a slice of a larger cake to smash instead

Real Mom Solutions

Looking to give baby something sweet to smash on her first birthday? Some moms of CafeMom think a cupcake might be just the thing; less cake lost but still plenty messy for those oh-so-cute birthday photos. See what they have to say below!

  • JTE11

    My daughter had a cupcake for her first birthday and she had a great time smashing and smearing it all over herself.

  • sahmw2010

    I never did a separate cake or cupcake. I always just cut off a slice of the one cake and let baby have at it.

  • twogirl91

    My first had cupcakes for his birthday, he loved it!

  • kmqw229

    My first two had smash cakes and didn't really eat them. My youngest had a cupcake and it was perfect.

  • bubblemama2164

    I would get a separate cake.

  • Baby_Avas_Momma

    I made my daughter a plain vanilla cupcake to play with. She had never had any sort of sweets before; she really didn't care much for it.

  • Dragonmamas

    Thus far I have gotten separate cakes for my babies, but they eat so little of it that the cake ends up being wasted. I have never thought to use a cupcake, but that's an excellent idea!