What is your list of baby essentials?

Real Mom Problem

“I am getting ready for a baby and I am trying to figure out what I need. I have some items but I feel like I am forgetting stuff.”

by SexyTractorgal SexyTractorgal

Quick Tips

  • 1. Consider a baby carrier like an Ergo, Moby wrap, or something similar to enable you to do chores or watch an older child while holding the baby
  • 2. Get recommendations for the best car seats, strollers, monitors, and more
  • 3. Keep it simple: start with diapers, clothing, a car seat, and see what else you need after baby arrives

Real Mom Solutions

Here's what the moms of CafeMom recommend as the items you can't live without when planning for a baby:

Try These Most-Loved Items

  • Randi02

    Carriers (I love my wraps as well!) allow me to wear my baby and nurse them while getting things done around the house. They sleep, or are just content, without me sticking them in a swing or bouncy chair.

  • NatalieMH

    A nice jogging stroller! I have a Bob (a single and a double) and have used one almost everyday for nearly 5 years now. Makes me feel good, and I am a better mom when i get out for a walk everyday.

  • preacherskid

    Woven baby wrap. I would never have been able to manage a two/three year old without my wrap to put the baby in. I still use it for my fifteen month old if I have to go shopping with just the girls. I call it my hands free baby device -- super versatile, and the only weight and size limits are what you set.

  • Turtledoves

    Above all, a video monitor. I couldn't get anything done without one, it offers such a peace of mind!

Get These Feeding Essentials

  • abra

    If you're breastfeeding, I liked to have a nursing cover, nipple ointment and pads to keep from leaking, if you decide on bottle feeding you'll need newborn bottles and formula and or a pump.

  • DaisyFitz07

    I LOVE my Boppy! It's the best. I breastfeed and it's such a support! But even for bottle feeding, it would be a nice support!

Keep It Simple

  • Turtledoves

    Babies are simple. Diapers, clothing, a few toys, blankets, maybe a baby carrier, a car seat -- that's about the only things you really need for a baby. The rest is optional.