Which baby items are a waste of money?

Real Mom Problem

“Given how quickly babies grow, I don't want to spend a lot of money on the first couple of years.”

by boshs1andonly boshs1andonly

Quick Tips

  • 1. To save money on baby gear, borrow from friends and family, and scour thrift shops and Craigslist
  • 2. Remember, never buy a used car seat or a recalled baby item
  • 3. Instead of a changing table, try changing baby on the couch or on a blanket on the floor
  • 4. Portable cribs or play yards can be good alternatives to traditional cribs

Real Mom Solutions

Do you REALLY need to buy all the recommended baby gear? The moms of CafeMom share their picks for the top baby items that were a waste of money.

  • louzannalady

    I do not feel doorway jumpers are safe. I can just see it popping off the frame and knocking my baby upside the head! I chose to borrow an excersaucer that had a broad base and sat on the floor, instead.

  • sissyboogs

    The changing table was a waste. I never used it. It was more convenient to change my kids on the couch or lay a blanket on the floor and change them there.

  • 1214Choc

    I think the diaper genie is a waste of money. I got one with my oldest and I never used it. Now I just use old plastic bags from my grocery trips and take the poopy diapers to the outside trash can as soon as I change them.

  • mewebb82

    The wipe warmer was a waste. I had one with my daughter and she got the worst infections....heat plus moisture equals extreme bacterial growth.

  • Jstoddard98

    I don't have a crib set -- I think it would be a waste. Instead I bought a pink breathable bumper and some really cute sheets!

  • mommyof4gn1b

    Now with the Pack 'n Plays made the way they are, cribs are a waste.... I have two Pack 'n Plays for the price of a nice crib. So my daughter can sleep in my room without taking up a huge space and then another room for when someone needs to rest. They came with mobiles, vibrate, cradle, lights, music, and even a changing table.... I'd never buy or recommend a crib again.