What should I look for when choosing a pediatrician?

Real Mom Problem

“I've set up a couple meet and greets with potential pediatricians, but I really don't know what questions I need to be asking! Other than how they administer vaccines, I really don't know what I need to find out.”

by monkeydavis05 monkeydavis05

Quick Tips

  • 1. Prepare a list of questions to ask potential pediatricians before you commit to their practice
  • 2. Ask for recommendations from family and friends

Real Mom Solutions

When it comes to choosing your baby's doctor, there's no one size fits all. Check out how these moms found their doctors:

Know What to Ask

  • grapejelly

    You could ask about how long they support breastfeeding, their views on vaccinations (delays, which ones they want your baby to get), how they discipline their children, and after hours availability.

  • eesmommy

    Do you have multiple doctors to choose from or just one? How far in advance do you schedule well visits? What hospital do you practice at? Do you have a nurse line for after hours? What are your vaccine policies? Do you have separate well and sick waiting area? For sick visits, what is the average wait time from phone call to appointment? Do you have an on campus pharmacy and if so do they offer discounts on prescriptions and over the counter medications? Do you provide house calls?

Ask Friends & Family

  • Arwyn724

    My sister had the first child and recommended her pediatrician to me. I've never looked back. All our kids went to her, and she is truly amazing. She literally saved my oldest's life. If you have a way to ask other moms you know, recommendations count.

Consider a Family Physician

  • sissyboogs

    My children see our family doctor. I like it better this way for a lot of reasons. One--this doctor knows my history and my husband's. That's a big plus considering a lot of things are genetic. Two--their pediatrician wouldn't listen to me when I knew something was wrong. That was our initial reason for switching. Three--the family doctor happens to have kids the same age as my kids, so he relates to us a little better, I think.