Should I be worried that my baby isn't growing enough?

Real Mom Problem

“My baby looks great, but when he's next to a baby similar in age, he looks tiny. I know all babies are different, but should I be concerned? He was doing really well gaining weight for the first few months, but when we took him in last month, he had fallen behind.”

by girliepink girliepink

Quick Tips

  • 1. A good rule of thumb for baby's growth is that they should double their birth weight by five to six months and triple it by one year
  • 2. If your baby is small but still meeting all the milestones and seems healthy and happy, you may not need to worry
  • 3. Pay attention to your baby's position on growth curves, which take height into account as well as weight
  • 4. Always talk with your baby's doctor if you are concerned about his or her weight

Real Mom Solutions

Moms point out that babies come in all sizes, and you shouldn't worry too much about your baby's size as long as he is meeting milestones and seems healthy. But you may want to consider some feeding strategies to help your baby gain weight if you are concerned.

Don't Worry if Baby Is Healthy

  • KMadsen

    As long as he is acting normal and has a normal amount of dirty diapers, then I wouldn't worry about it.

  • YzmaRocks

    Honestly, if her diapers are ok, she is hitting her milestones, is happy and energetic, you may not have any reason to worry about her. She may just be small. Some people are small, others are large. Just the way some people are built.

  • mollysmom328

    It's recommended that babies double their birth weight around six months. If she's happy, healthy, and meeting milestones then she's fine.

Consider Baby's Height, Too

  • ReiReally

    If you feel your child is doing ok, then he's probably fine. They tried to tell me that my son was gaining too much weight but, for his height, he was and still is perfectly proportionate.

  • lruggio

    Height, weight and head size all kind of go together. Weight alone is not the whole would be interesting to see if he is following a good growth curve or if he is falling off his curve. That will tell you more than just the weight.

Try These Feeding Strategies

  • jnttd

    I would take away all solid foods, including the cereal. Solids are very low in calories compared to formula.

  • daydreamer86

    You don't want to feed her many solids since it can delay weight gain. Formula will be her main source of nutrition. Making her formula thicker can cause constipation unless you put her on a high calorie formula. Try feeding her small bottles more often.

  • SewingMamaLele

    You want to do fewer solids and nurse more often. Every four hours is really a long time to go between feedings. Encourage every 2-3 hours and then as much solids as she wants AFTER nursing. Your milk has more fat and calories than baby food, so you don't want her filling up on food and replacing nursing sessions. That all said, it's normal for them to slow way down on gaining at this age, but making sure she's nursing enough can't hurt.