How often should I nurse my baby?

Real Mom Problem

“I have a six-week-old boy who is nursing every two hours during the day, then going a four- to six-hour stretch during the evening (he goes to bed around 8:00), and then back to every two hours again after his midnight or 1:00 am feeding. Does this seem normal for a breastfed baby?”

by KenzieRoosMom KenzieRoosMom

Quick Tips

  • 1. Nurse on demand to establish your supply, satisfy baby, and establish a good nursing relationship
  • 2. Look for baby's hunger cues to know when to offer the breast
  • 3. Do not be concerned about over-feeding a newborn baby
  • 4. Watch baby's diapers instead of the clock to ascertain if baby is eating often enough

Real Mom Solutions

Experts advise feeding 8 to 12 times a day, but if you're nursing a newborn, you may feel like your baby is attached to your breast 24/7. Find out from these moms how often you should nurse, why it's best to nurse on demand, and more.

Nurse on Demand

  • SewingMamaLele

    The best way to avoid future weight problems is to feed babies naturally, on demand. When they get to control their intake, they develop a very keen sense of what it feels like to be full and when they need to stop eating.

  • Baby_Avas_Momma

    There's no such thing as over-feeding a baby from the breast!! Always nurse on demand, mama!

  • MumsTheWord571

    I nurse on demand... She looks hungry? I offer. She looks at me funny? I offer. She whines? I offer. She farts? I offer. She gets it offered more than she takes it, but she is a very contented baby. She knows mommy will always be there for her.

  • mommy_4509

    The best is nursing on demand. Babies digest their milk very quickly. My daughter is six and a half months and still nurses every hour. She eats till she's satisfied.

Don't Worry About Frequency

  • pinkiebabii

    My son is 11 days old and if I time or count feedings, I get very stressed. I set out six diapers at midnight and as long as he uses all of them I know he is doing great. He usually uses many more though.

  • ashleigheg

    Unless there is a drop in diaper output or there is jaundice, you don't need to worry about nursing frequency. My now one year-old daughter had jaundice, and we woke her up every two hours to nurse day and night.

  • MonicaV1982

    The 8-12 times a day is just a guideline so that parents don't end up underfeeding their child. If baby is putting out the appropriate amount of diapers, then follow baby's lead.