How can I increase my milk supply?

Real Mom Problem

“I'm not producing enough milk. Every time I breastfeed, my baby screams right after as if he hadn't eaten at all. I'm a first time mom and I just don't know what to do. I've been supplementing with formula, but I still want to give him breast milk.”

by Keibe02 Keibe02

Quick Tips

  • 1. Try supplements or foods known to increase supply, such as fenugreek, oatmeal or Mother's Milk Tea
  • 2. Nurse as often as possible, at baby's first sign of hunger
  • 3. Try a nursing holiday by staying in bed with your baby all day
  • 4. Nurse on one side and pump on the other to build supply

Real Mom Solutions

Nurse More Frequently

  • C8Baxter

    Nurse nurse nurse! I'd say nursing more frequently is the most important thing to do.

  • Blue_Spiral

    Nurse on demand. Offer the breast at the SLIGHTEST sign of fussiness from baby. Offer the breast for every single instance of neediness from baby.

  • Misery_Stitches

    Try a nursing holiday. Stay an entire weekend in bed and just nurse constantly.

Try Supplements

  • cabrandy03

    Try fenugreek, an herbal supplement. You can also try Mother's Milk Tea, or steal cut oatmeal. Otherwise just nurse baby lots--that's the easiest way to up your supply!

  • ambemmons

    Mother's Milk is an herbal tea. It helps to make your milk "healthier" and some swear it helps boost their supply. It has a bitter taste to it but it's not terrible. I sweeten it with honey.

Try Pumping or Other Methods

  • wulfeyes05

    I usually feed on one side and then pump on the other and store it so I don't lose any milk. It helps keep my supply up.

  • angela.bouchard

    Do as much skin to skin time as possible.