Should I be worried if my baby isn't crawling?

Real Mom Problem

“My daughter is seven months and she just wants to roll everywhere. She doesn't really want to try to crawl yet.”

by Sept-babies2 Sept-babies2

Quick Tips

  • 1. Many babies skip crawling on their hands and knees, and instead go right from rolling or the military-style crawl to walking
  • 2. Encourage movement and muscle building by sitting and playing with your baby and exercising his legs
  • 3. If you are concerned about your baby's development, discuss your worries with your child's doctor

Real Mom Solutions

Each baby develops at his or her own pace, and babies reach motor-development milestones at different times. If your baby isn't crawling yet, discuss your concerns with your pediatrician, and check out these moms' tips.

Encourage Moving & Muscle Development

  • LongBeachLiz

    A lot of children never crawl on their hands and knees. My friend's kid rolled wherever he needed to go. Just keep playing with your baby. Sit him between your legs and play. He'll get it quick enough.

  • Mommy156

    Just keep putting toys in front of him and he will try to reach for it. Also keep doing stretch exercises. He'll get there eventually.

  • nickigoingon8

    I would keep sitting him up and support him to build muscles in his back so he can learn balance. Start putting him on his stomach and help him get in the crawling position. If he starts to try and crawl help him by guiding his legs and by holding his ankles. That is what the physical therapist had me do and now my son is 10 months and is all over the place. I think it is just about repetition of movements.

Let Them Develop at Their Own Pace

  • Avr-88

    Milestones are different for all babies. In my honest opinion, if baby is growing, and is healthy, milestones don't become a worry until many months later. If there's a dip in the learning or reaching milestones, or weight and health, then I would show concern. Otherwise it's completely normal for babies to go at their own pace. Some excel in speech milestones before motor skill milestones. All babies are different.

  • Dragonmamas

    I believe in giving babies quite a bit of leeway when it comes to physical milestones, as long as they are meeting the other developmental milestones. Just because your friend's little one is crawling at five months doesn't mean your little one is abnormal or that anything is wrong.

Know When to Worry

  • kristen1983

    I think a good rule of thumb is to trust your gut on reaching milestones. If you think something is really wrong, have the doctor check it out.

  • preacherskid

    Each baby does develop at a different pace. My older daughter was right on track, our second was a month early and is developmentally one month behind other babies her age. If a baby or child does not meet milestones within a three month window, then I would start to be concerned.

  • Tempest41

    If YOU are concerned get it looked into. No one knows your child better then you. It's better to have it looked into and be told you are wrong then to ignore it and find out later that there was something wrong and you did nothing.