How can I tell if my baby's physical development is on the right track?

Real Mom Problem

“I'm worried about my 9-month-old's development. She is my first child and I am so worried there is something wrong!”

by alyssamj24 alyssamj24

Quick Tips

  • 1. Remember, all babies develop at different rates
  • 2. Encourage your baby with tummy time, assisted sitting and standing, and putting toys just out of reach
  • 3. Try not to compare your baby's progress to that of other babies
  • 4. Talk to your pediatrician about any concerns you have regarding your child's physical development

Real Mom Solutions

Each baby develops at his or her own pace, and babies can hit physical milestones at different times. Sometimes they even skip right over a milestone, such as crawling. If you're concerned about your baby's physical development, discuss your worries with your pediatrician, and see what these moms have to say.

Let Baby Develop at His Own Pace

  • 2ninos4me

    It depends on the child. We all excel at certain things, and others? Well, we take our time! Babies aren't any different!

  • CourtneyCS

    My daughter has hit all of her milestones late. She is a very laid back baby so I just let her go at her own pace. She crawled at 11 months and does not walk yet at 16 months. Her doctor is not concerned.

  • kmorales7690

    My daughter did nothing till she was about nine months. She's really smart but physical stuff is not her forte.

Encourage Physical Development

  • norahsmommy

    Put toys up on coffee tables and help support him as he plays while standing. My kids loved to stand. My four month old stands on my lap constantly (he just needs help with balance). A jumper might be fun, too.

  • brittanyx22

    If you want to help with sitting up, prop him with a pillow. He just has to get his strength up!

  • Mommy156

    Just keep putting his favorite toys in front of him and he will try to reach for them. Also, keep doing stretching exercises. He'll get there eventually.

  • moroccanmommy

    Get down on the floor with the baby and play. The more experiences and stimulation you give, the better.

Don't Compare

  • Dragonmamas

    Just because your friend's little one is crawling at five months doesn't mean your little one is abnormal or that anything is wrong.

  • kwest_1

    First and foremost, don't compare your baby with others. All are different and reach their respective milestones at different times.

Know When to Be Concerned

  • preacherskid

    If a baby/child does not meet milestones within a three month window, then I would start to be concerned.

  • cabrandy03

    I wouldn't get worried about my baby not reaching milestones until the doctor became concerned.

  • kristen1983

    I think a good rule of thumb is to trust your gut on reaching milestones. If you think something is really wrong, have the doctor check it out.