How can I get Daddy to bond with baby?

Real Mom Problem

“Has your baby bonded with daddy yet? Mine definitely prefers me, but she is finally warming up to him. Typically she wants me, and me only.”

by MommaJ428 MommaJ428

Quick Tips

  • 1. Encourage your baby's father to take care of feedings (with pumped breastmilk or formula), diaper changes, or bath time
  • 2. Daddy can take the baby to the playground or try fun activities at home, like reading, dancing, or enjoying skin-to-skin time
  • 3. Encourage talking, both in person and on the phone, so that baby gets to know Daddy's voice
  • 4. Give yourself a break! Letting Daddy bond can give you some much-needed alone time

Real Mom Solutions

Get Daddy Involved in Everything

  • aimesnyc

    He does everything that I do, pretty much. We're a team. We made this baby together, and we plan on raising him together.

  • troysmami

    When baby first came home I made sure Dad was included in everything. I had him help with the pump and feed the baby pumped milk. He would sing to baby. He has this way of making our son look for him everywhere. He stands out of sight and says in an excited voice "Lil man , lil man," and our son goes crazy looking for him. We point baby towards his dad and say "Go get your Daddy, go get your Daddy," and now when we ask, "You want to go get your Daddy?" our son goes crazy.

  • babygomez

    Daddy feeds him his bottle, changes his diapers and clothes, reads him books, "conversates" with him. He stays home with him when I need or want to go somewhere. They nap together. There are lots of ways!

Encourage Daddy & Baby Activities

  • JenniferP96

    My daughter and husband are very much attached at the hip! We call him at work during the day so my daughter can hear him. As soon as he gets home, I get a kiss & hug, then he picks her up and she doesn't let go pretty much all night. She wants my husband to feed her, they watch TV, play games -- he can barely go to the bathroom without her.

  • maria1613

    He has a bike seat for our daughter and they go on bike rides all the time. Or he takes her to the playground. They take naps together, too, sometimes.

  • jjchick75

    Daddy's favorite thing to do is right before bed is to strip our son down to his diaper and lay him on his chest. Usually the baby falls asleep within just a few minutes and my husband will lay like that until he is ready to go to sleep!

  • Starleet

    They love dancing together! He will pick her up and dance with her or they will both be dancing together. Sometimes she will watch him then try to copy what he just did.