How can I get my body back after baby?

Real Mom Problem

“My body is just not what it used to be. I went shopping today with my husband, and I began to cry because I still don't feel like myself.”

by Inlove104 Inlove104

Quick Tips

  • 1. Breastfeeding your baby can help you drop pregnancy weight-gain easily and quickly
  • 2. Watch your diet and your portion sizes
  • 3. Start an exercise routine, but only after getting the OK to exercise from your doctor
  • 4. Try something fun and different, from pole-dancing classes to body-shaping corsets

Real Mom Solutions

Tried and True Strategies

  • Tuzyae

    Breastfeeding is the fastest way to get back and lose the excess weight.

  • BlessedToBeMe

    A healthy diet, cardio and ab workouts are going to be your best bet.

  • aimesnyc

    I've been watching my calories and portion sizes. I found a calorie calculator online that tells you how many that I need to eat per day to lose 1 lb a week. I lost 7 lbs in a month, even when I cheated a little on some days. Exercise is also important, but I found that the calorie reduction, along with eating smaller and more meals per day, helped me.

Give It Time

  • AylaKay

    Unfortunately your body can't go back right away. It takes some time. It took time to grow that nine months, and it will likely take time to get back to normal. Just be healthy and remind yourself why your body had to change in the first place- that adorable baby you get to see everyday.

Try Something Different

  • jrsmommy0427

    My friend owns a pole dancing studio and I took an intro class with some friends... It was only 30 minutes, three parts of floor chair and pole routine. Awkward but good times and my tummy went flatter that one time over anything else!

  • lilbit53009

    I got a body shaping was uncomfortable but I wore it every day since I was one week postpartum for about three months. I only took it off to shower and sleep.