How do you make time for yourself when you have a baby?

Real Mom Problem

“I am a single mother and I work one full-time job and two part-time. Any tips for how to make time to work out?”

by fizzgig4 fizzgig4

Quick Tips

  • 1. Find a friend or relative who can watch your baby occasionally -- even if it's just for 30 minutes
  • 2. Nap time is the easiest time for most moms to find a few minutes for themselves
  • 3. Moms enjoy working out, catching up with friends, crafting, and more
  • 4. Some moms sneak in their me time -- in the shower, the bathroom, the car. Whatever works!

Real Mom Solutions

When you're a new mom, it's nearly impossible to find time for yourself, and you may find that many of the things you once liked to do, such as reading, knitting, or exercising, take a backseat to childcare. The moms of CafeMom have figured out how to care for a newborn and still find time for themselves. Check out their tips here.

Get Someone to Watch the Kids

  • joci2203

    When I have family in town to watch the kids, I like to go have a good glass of wine, or shop around.

  • SarahSuzyQ

    My husband is so great about helping me find time to get out with friends or to do things that are important to me. If he weren't so supportive, it would definitely be more difficult. What's hard for us is finding a babysitter so we can get out together!

  • cadeesmommy0120

    I work out after my baby is in bed. Every other weekend and one night a week for a couple of hours she is at her dad's. I live with my sister, so she will watch her for me if I'm ever having a rough day. Sometimes I let her stay at day care a couple extra hours so I can have some me time.

Take Advantage of Nap Time

  • boshs1andonly

    My best chance of getting time for myself is to get up early, like between 6 and 8. My daughter is usually asleep around that time and my husband keeps an eye on her for me.

  • RingaroundPosey

    When my son naps, i clean. When all my kids go to sleep at night, I watch TV with hubby, or play on Facebook and CafeMom. I also read my Bible & pray in my free time.

Do What You Love, with Baby

  • Turtledoves

    I learned to love things I can do with my daughter. Now when she's playing, I sit beside her and crochet. I put loud music on and dance with my daughter while baking.

Sneak It In!

  • meam4444

    Every night, I take a shower...and that is my "me" time. This last week though, I have been spoiled...I got my hair done this weekend and nails last night. Sooo sooo nice!

  • mamabens

    I pretend to have to use the bathroom, shut the door with my computer, and ignore everything for a few minutes.