How can I treat my postpartum depression?

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“I have been really emotional, irrational, not feeling myself. Just kind of sad and feeling a little hopeless...”

by mamaK0911 mamaK0911

Quick Tips

  • 1. Always seek the advice of a medical professional if you think you are experiencing postpartum depression
  • 2. Try getting exercise or getting outside with your baby on a regular basis
  • 3. Some moms have found help with therapy, changes in diet, support groups, and other solutions
  • 4. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to solving postpartum depression

Real Mom Solutions

Postpartum depression can be devastating, especially because it occurs when people expect you to be enjoying life and your new little one. Seek help from a medical professional, and try some of these tips from the moms of CafeMom:

Seek Help and Talk About It


    PLEASE don't be afraid to ask for help. New babies are exhausting and you need it. No one will disrepect you for reaching out for a little assistance.

  • sofia0587

    Talk about it as much possible. Don't keep your feelings bottled up.

  • saltyalley1227

    Seek counseling or ask your OB. He may advise some medications until you balance out.

Get Out and Get Exercise

  • Turtledoves

    Try getting out of the house, to a park nearby or stores you can stroll to. I'm a stay-at-home mom with no car. It helps my mood so much to go for a walk with my daughter in the stroller each day. We go to the park to see other babies and mommies or go to the store and get a special treat for the day.

  • sfank

    My mom said she kicked her PPD in the butt with exercise. She really didn't feel like it, but she made herself go for a run every evening when my dad got home and it cleared up in a week.

  • atherianos

    I also found that having things to do outside of the house made it easier for me to let my husband go to work. I would sometimes go to a breastfeeding support group just to be around other people. I also did a new mom support group. I didn't feel like doing anything so I had to plan things in advance just to get out of bed.

Make Time for Yourself

  • saltyalley1227

    Make sure you try to get a tiny bit of me time- even if it's just a shower.

Advice from an Expert

  • Dr. Shoshana Be
    Dr. Shoshana Be

    There isn't one "best" treatment, whether natural or medical. Each woman requires an individual assessment to determine what method(s) may work best for her. Physical and emotional support (including therapy), sleep, exercise and specific nutrients like omega-3 fish oil with DHA and EPA are among the most effective. There are also promising studies using light therapy, acupuncture and massage. It's crucial that a plan for recovery be discussed with a qualified professional, since there isn't a one-size-fits all.