When is it okay to have sex again after having a baby?

Real Mom Problem

“I still have not had sex with my partner. Now that I've had the baby I feel unattractive and just have no mojo. I am exhausted and up nearly the entire night every night with baby...”

by Aphrodisiac Aphrodisiac

Quick Tips

  • 1. Most obstetricians recommend waiting six weeks after delivery before having sexual intercourse again
  • 2. If you had a c-section or an especially difficult delivery, you may need to wait longer
  • 3. Talk with your partner about other intimate activities you can do while you wait
  • 4. It is normal to experience pain during sex after you have a baby
  • 5. When you're ready to have sex again, discuss your birth control options with your doctor

Real Mom Solutions

Ready to resume your sex life after baby? Check out these moms' tips for when it's ok to get back in the sack.

Let Yourself Heal

  • ConnorMom228

    After a baby, there is a lot of healing that needs to happen first! If you aren't healed properly and have sex, you are setting yourself up for more pain and a longer recovery. A man needs to understand that.

  • mnmo3bb

    I would definitely wait the six weeks for health reasons. Everything needs the time to heal. Obviously I am not saying you will die if you don't wait but you don't want an infection. You probably don't want Irish twins either!

Make Sure YOU Feel Ready

  • XOXOnBubbles

    Obviously everyone has a different experience with child birth, and some have mild mannered babies, while other babies are colicky and very demanding. You should have sex again when YOU feel up to it. Six weeks is not an unreasonable amount of time to wait. I was on pelvic rest for most of my pregnancy. There are a lot of other ways to be intimate rather than just regular sex.

Wait the Standard Six Weeks

  • gilbertgrl627

    I'm planning on waiting until after my six-week checkup. I know others don't, but I like to make sure that everything's okeedokee before I do anything.

  • seraphimsong

    Your cervix is at risk for infection in that six-week waiting period. Trust me... You do NOT want that! Wait for your doctor's okay.

Go for It if You're Ready!

  • Greekmama21

    I had sex five days postpartum because I was dying to! I had been on bed rest for months and it was my husband's birthday. I had it again 12 days postpartum and pretty much every other day after. I had minimal tearing (preemie tore through) and was fine with it. My husband would have been content to wait a few weeks but I didn't want to.