How should I hold my baby when feeding with a bottle?

Real Mom Problem

“When I'm giving my baby a bottle, it's hard for me to get him into a position where he seems comfortable and will take it instead of looking for the breast. I know they're not supposed to lie down when getting a bottle. So what's the best way to hold a bottle-fed baby?”

by aubergine aubergine

Quick Tips

  • 1. Find the position that's most comfortable for you and baby
  • 2. A bottle-fed baby can be held in the breastfeeding position
  • 3. Use feeding time to bond with baby -- hold your baby close and include lots of cuddles
  • 4. When baby is a little older, he or she may enjoy sitting upright in your lap while feeding
  • 5. Never feed a baby while they are lying down or prop a bottle

Real Mom Solutions

Feeding your baby is a great time for bonding, but what's the best position where both of you will be comfortable? See what these moms of CafeMom suggest.

Mimic a Breastfeeding Position

  • A_Zmom

    Hold the baby the same way a baby would be held for breastfeeding, except not turned into your body. I laid my babies inside my crossed legs so my arms could be more free. Now that she is learning to sit up my second baby likes to eat sitting up in my lap.

Do What's Comfortable

  • JadedFaerie

    Whatever way feels comfortable. I found cradling her up against my chest while feeding her was great for bonding. However you can lean baby up against your knees, lay beside baby, or really anything that feels comfortable.

Bond with Your Baby

  • Karasfirst

    Hold your baby just as if you were nursing baby. Feeding is a bonding time and a time for baby to know they can rely on mom for their basic needs. Snuggle baby in a semi-upright position to reduce air swallowing. Make eye contact with baby, talk to them, sing to them. This is a great time to bond and baby will get to know your face up close with the feedings.

  • SpitUpDefender

    You want to hold them in a natural position, upright and tucked in your arm. With bottle feeding, your baby still needs to feel the love bond, so lots of snuggles and closeness in the early days is important. Hold them how you would want to drink, not too far back and not too far forward...they need to swallow.