What should I do if my baby still seems hungry after a feeding?

Real Mom Problem

“My son eats four ounces every two hours. I can't get him to wait to eat...”

by mommiofalilboy mommiofalilboy

Quick Tips

  • 1. If you think your baby has had enough formula, find ways to distract the baby before the next feeding
  • 2. Check for hunger cues, such as baby pecking at your shoulder, sucking fingers, or rooting
  • 3. During growth spurts, your baby will want to eat more than usual

Real Mom Solutions

It's sometimes hard to tell if baby is really still hungry and should eat more, and it can be a stressor for mom who just wants to make sure baby is eating well and growing! Have no fear, the moms of CafeMom have great advice for you right here.

Assess if Baby Is Really Hungry

  • Karasfirst

    Give baby a few minutes. Sometimes trapped gas bubbles will make them fussy after a bottle. Try and burp them and see if that calms the fussiness. If not and you've tried to soothe them other ways, give them a small amount more, about an ounce. Also look for baby's natural hunger signs such as rooting, or sucking on hands and fingers.

  • SpitUpDefender

    You want to look for hunger cues. A baby will search for the nipple as an instinct, so if you hold them on your shoulder and they continue to 'peck' your shoulder or lean down to your breast, they're likely still hungry. They will also cry for more, or if you touch or tap their lips lightly they will continue to show you a sucking reflex. Babies are full of cues, so you have to learn your baby's hunger cues. You'll be surprised how instinctively you just know what they need.

  • JadedFaerie

    Find out if it is actual hungriness. Change his diaper, cuddle him, play with him. If he still appears to be hungry after this, offer him another bottle. Make sure the second bottle has less than the first so as not to overfeed. Babies go through growth spurts all the time and will often require more than you think is necessary.

Offer a Little More Formula

  • tortuga_beto

    I'll burp him and offer a toy to play with and chew. If he really is hungry I'll offer another 2 ounces.

  • Mrs.Andrews

    You can offer more if they haven't had too much. Or offer a pacifier if you feel they have had enough to eat.

  • A_Zmom

    Make a little more formula and offer it to your baby. When they are going through growth spurts sometimes the amount they want can be a guessing game. They will eat four ounces one feeding, then 2.5 the next. Just know that if you feel clueless as to how much your child wants to be eating at that point in time, every other formula feeding mom has gone through the same thing.