Should I have my son circumcised or not?

Real Mom Problem

“I can't decide what to do. I told my husband he could make the decision but he keeps going back and forth. He wants his son to be like him but doesn't really know if our son should be circumcised. I don't want my son to be the odd man out, but I don't know if I agree with arbitrary surgery at such a young age. I understand that it is safe and there aren't any major risks but what is the point? Truly confused.”

by Daviesmeade Daviesmeade

Quick Tips

  • 1. Moms have many reasons for choosing to circumcise newborn boys, including religious tradition, family preference, and doctor's advice
  • 2. A growing number of parents are choosing not to circumcise out of concern for baby's pain and belief that it is an unnecessary procedure
  • 3. Whatever you decide, check with your son's doctor about proper care of a circumcised or uncircumcised penis

Real Mom Solutions

Parents of newborn boys face an immediate question upon the birth of their baby: to circumcise or not? Find out why moms are choosing to circumcise their baby boys or preferring to leave them intact.

Choose Circumcision

  • Heather2001

    I know too many men who have had to get the procedure done later in life and wish they had been done as infants.

  • nickigoingon8

    I have been told that it reduces the risks of infection to a boy later in life. I have also been told it is easier for them to clean it the right way. If you really want to know pros and cons though I would talk to your baby's physician and I am sure he can tell you the "right" information and not just a lot of different opinions. You can also talk to your obstetrician since that is who normally performs the surgery. I have four boys and all have been circumcised and all have been fine.

  • abra

    Both my sons were circumcised in the traditional Jewish method (bris milah) which doesn't take off as much as what we consider normal circumcisions. We do it for religious reasons so the aesthetics didn't matter to us. No regrets. We'd do it the same way again if we had another son.

  • Candymonster

    According to my doctor it's healthy for a baby to reduce infection from the foreskin becoming unclean, and with our sensitive skin it's easier for him to get irritation from bacteria, so all around she recommended me to circumcise to lower the risk.

Leave Your Son Intact

  • Mel0dy

    I would never get it done if I had a son. It's not my penis so it's not my choice.

  • mamabens

    Keep in mind that MOST of the world's population is not circumcised. There's no extra care to leaving them alone, no skin should ever be pulled back & you wipe it like a finger. In fact it's easier to care for than my girls were.

  • dhiannian

    I personally do not feel that it's a parents right to make that choice for your child because you are removing a healthy FUNCTIONAL part of tissue that will probably never need to be removed. Some men resent that their parents took that choice from them when they realize what they've lost. As long as you know how to care for an intact baby or toddler you shouldn't have a problem with it. Never retract, and don't let a doctor do it either. You don't have to clean inside of it, just wipe it like a finger. It's that easy.

  • InMySweatpants

    Uncircumcised penises are just as easy to keep clean and free of infections as circumcised ones. Plenty of circumcised guys get STDs and HIV. So a SLIGHTLY reduced risk of disease is still not a reason enough to permanently alter your child's body.