What foods should I introduce first?

Real Mom Problem

“What do you feed them as their first solids?”

by elisybeth elisybeth

Quick Tips

  • 1. Try starting with pureed fruit, veggies, or baby cereals
  • 2. Offer one new food at a time
  • 3. Don't force it -- go with baby's interest level and tastes

Real Mom Solutions

Moms take many different approaches to choosing baby's first solid food, from spoon-feeding from jars to going straight to table food. Check out our moms' responses to see which solid food is right for you and your baby.

Go with Traditional Cereals or Purees

  • karendawnknits

    My son will be six months in just under two weeks. I plan to skip cereal (there's no real need for it) and start on pureed fruits and veggies (starting with avocado, sweet potato, and banana) when he hits six months (although if it seems like he's not ready, I'll stop and try again the next week).

  • CAMKsMom

    Avocado is a great first food. It can be easily combined with breastmilk and mashed until it has a soup like consistency. When we introduced solids we started with single grain cereals and then did avocado (it's considered a fruit actually!) and then did pretty much every veggie under the sun we could think of except for white potato...we chose sweet [potato] over white because of more nutrients.

  • Koosh

    My daughter is 5 and a half months but she seems to really want to start eating solids, and seemed ready for it, so I just wanted to try out some rice cereal first to see how she would do with solids, and it seems like she really likes it and wants more and more of it lol, wanted to start out slowly and just give her a different texture to work with first rather than taste something completely different.

  • WaitingOnPeanut

    We're doing carrots this week. He just started a few days ago. I plan to do each veggie for a week so if there's an allergy I'll know what caused it, then move on to fruits.

  • MedicturnedMama

    My first son hated cereal so we just skipped it. My second son, however, loves it. I mix it with breast milk. We use the Earth's Best organic brown rice cereal. If you are formula-feeding, mix it with formula. Also get it nice and thin while he makes the transition to a spoon.

  • mommamichi11

    He spoon-eats cereal, and if he doesn't get it, oh no! I wasn't going to do cereal, but I let him try it and it's his newfound love.

Skip the Purees!

  • Blue_Spiral

    I also feed him slices of zucchini mixed up with oatmeal; salmon or any other fish; sunflower seeds; kale chips; oranges; seaweed (dried nori) - very healthy and my son loves it; I cut up olives for him; whole wheat breads; quinoa grains or quinoa pasta; cut cherry tomatoes in half; scrambled eggs; canned tuna; any fresh fruit or veggie as long as you know it's a size that they won't choke on.

  • Daeraelle

    My daughter would never eat baby food. So we just fed her whatever we were eating. Even at 7 months, with no teeth, she would chew up a whole, steamed pea off our plate, but would not eat pea baby food. She hates cooked fruit and wouldn't eat the fruit baby food. She had no problem eating fresh foods. So we just skipped baby food.

  • jessicaaris

    My girls never liked baby food so I just gave them table food from the get go. Tiny pieces of bread and fruits and veggies (usually steamed so they were soft) and they were fine.

  • Randi02

    No cereals or purees for my kids. They started on whatever we were eating: avocado, baked salmon, sweet potatoes, ground turkey or chicken, steamed vegetables, edamame beans etc.

  • Turtledoves

    I'm starting with things I eat. I gave her mashed potatoes (liquidy at first then gradually made them stiffer) so she'd get used to having something that's different from breastmilk. Then I moved her to yogurt to help with her yeast outbreaks. Once she conquers that, I'll move her to things like mushed bananas, tops of broccoli, etc. I don't do baby cereal (at 6 months there's no need) or purees. It's much easier this way and since you waited (I waited until 6 months too) you can skip purees.

Experiment to See What They Like

  • lilpanda

    My son loves yogurt. There are times that if he doesn't eat something, I will use his yogurt to 'hide' it. The other night he didn't want to eat his chicken so I put it in his yogurt, stirred it well and gave him the spoon. He ate every bite.

  • aimesnyc

    We tried cereal at 4 months, but he wasn't interested, so we didn't continue. Then a few weeks later I tried banana and then avocado. No dice. He threw them both up (especially the avocado). Tonight (he just turned 5 months old), we tried sweet potatoes and he LOVED them! I follow my child's cues, as well as the ok from his pediatrician.

  • preacherskid

    She hated purees, so she went straight for soft cooked table foods, like sweet potato, squash, bananas, steamed apples and pears, etc.