How do I know if my baby is ready for solid food?

Real Mom Problem

“When do you introduce rice/cereal/oatmeal? My daughter is two months old. I know we shouldn't start yet, but we aren't sure when to begin.”

by andiecheyenne andiecheyenne

Quick Tips

  • 1. Watch for the baby to show interest in what you're eating
  • 2. Wait till baby can sit unsupported
  • 3. Check if your baby uses the pincer grasp to pick up small objects
  • 4. Always check with your pediatrician to make sure your baby is ready

Real Mom Solutions

Moms say to look for signs of readiness from your baby before starting solids. Check to make sure the baby can sit upright and shows interest in what you're eating. Check out these moms' stories to learn how they knew it was the right time to start.

  • preacherskid

    We started when our daughter showed cues for developmental readiness: sitting unsupported, using a pincer type grasp to try and put food in her mouth, and losing the tongue thrust reflex. She was about 6-7 months by that point.

  • Amelia.Jean

    We waited until he showed an interest in what we were eating. The doctor said they are usually ready when they try to reach for your plate or watch you eat.

  • mamabens

    If baby is truly ready for solids they should be able to pick up small soft chunks with their fingers & self feed. In my opinion, if baby needs to be spoon fed, they probably aren't ready for solids.