When should I start brushing my baby's teeth?

Real Mom Problem

“Does anyone know how to take care of their baby's teeth? My son has two teeth and four more have already broken through and are making an entrance. I remember reading that it's time to start brushing the teeth.”

by i_lovedyoufirst i_lovedyoufirst

Quick Tips

  • 1. Start brushing your baby's teeth as soon as the first tooth appears
  • 2. You can use a finger brush or a washcloth to wipe your baby's gums before the teeth appear
  • 3. Consult with a pediatric dentist or your pediatrician about any tooth care questions you have

Real Mom Solutions

Have your baby's teeth started to come in? It's time to start brushing! Read these moms' tips for taking the best possible care of your baby's new teeth.

Start When the First Teeth Appear

  • mama2b100808

    I started brushing my little girl's teeth when she started getting her first few teeth. I think she was about three months. I wanted her to get used to the feeling of brushing her teeth and she has loved it ever since. Now she is three years old with 20 teeth that are healthy (so the dentist says).

  • mereinhart28

    I started teaching my kids to brush every day when they got their first tooth. They love brushing their teeth. I always let them brush first, and then I would "check" their teeth, by brushing them again.

Start Wiping Gums Early

  • Sammieda

    When they are babies just use water and a finger brush or wash rag. When they are eating solids you can use an infant tooth brush (soft bristles) with infant toothpaste WITHOUT fluoride.

  • jenniferlee_12

    I first started to wipe my son's gums when he was a baby and I was giving him a bath. Now I try to get him to help me brush his teeth. He is 18 months old and when he first got his first tooth I would give him a brush and use one myself and brush his teeth. He fights and hates it, but has gotten a little better. He'd much rather comb his hair with his toothbrush! I will continue to help him and brush his teeth until I feel that he is getting them clean by himself, which will probably be awhile!

Try This for No-Fuss Brushing

  • mommyambers

    I find the best way to keep my son interested in brushing is to keep it interesting. You can make it into a game. When brushing I let him hold the brush and then Mommy comes in for the last sweep to kill all the bugs. I alternate between two brushes. The Crest Spinbrush with the Hulk character and the Dr. Fresh Firefly toothbrush with the Spiderman character. My son loves both of them.