Could my baby be teething already?

Real Mom Problem

“My son is two and a half months old and it seems like he's teething, but I'm not sure because it's just so early! I know that some babies can start teething this early, but it seems weird to me.”

by Danda08 Danda08

Quick Tips

  • 1. Teething can begin very early, but teeth may not appear for another few months
  • 2. Babies typically get their first teeth around six months, but some may get them earlier, some later
  • 3. Always consult your baby's doctor if you are concerned about his teething

Real Mom Solutions

Are your baby's teeth coming in already? If you think your baby is too young for teeth, think again. The moms of CafeMom share that teething can start very early. Read their tips for teething advice!

Teeth Can Appear Early

  • casanderson1

    My son is nine weeks and starting to teethe. He drools so much he gags on it a lot. He chews on his hands and arms and my arm and wants to be on my boob all day. I can tell he's in pain so I've been trying my best to comfort him. Some babies are born with teeth, there's no definite time for teething. Every baby is different.

  • mommy_4509

    My daughter is four months and she has one tooth. One more is about to pop through and she's working on two more. Most babies get teeth around six months.

  • mama_grizz

    It's possible. Babies are born with all their teeth, and occasionally one or two will make their appearance early. What worked for my first was a cold wet wash cloth to gnaw on.

  • abra

    Some kids are born with teeth, others don't get them until they are almost a year old, but it is most common for them to start teething around six months old.

Teething Might Take a While

  • Luv.My.Soldier

    My son started teething at two months but didn't get his first tooth until almost 11 months. It has taken him forever to get his teeth. He's almost two and still has quite a few more that he needs to get.

  • sofia0587

    My daughter drooled A LOT as a newborn and has always showed every sign of teething. But she is almost 10 months and doesn't have a single tooth yet.