How can I tell if my baby is teething?

Real Mom Problem

“She is my first child and it breaks my heart not knowing how to soothe her pain. Could she be teething?”

by MisterandMe MisterandMe

Quick Tips

  • 1. Babies will often drool a lot, put everything in their mouths, and show less interest in milk or food
  • 2. Some babies have illness symptoms like fever or diarrhea when they are teething
  • 3. Feel your baby's gums with your index finger to ascertain if there are any bumps

Real Mom Solutions

Sometimes it's hard to tell if your baby is teething, or if he or she is just sick. These moms let you know what to look for so you can determine if your child is teething or if he or she is cranky for other reasons.

  • mama2b100808

    He was drooling A LOT, chewing and gnawing on everything, very irritable, pushing his food away, rosy red cheeks and a nice diaper full of diarrhea before every tooth he cut.

  • TigressLily

    Feel with your index finger on her top and bottom gums in the front. If they're more on the hard side, or if you feel a hard/sharp bump or more than one, then it's most likely a tooth breaking through, if the gums are hard she is starting to teeth. Extra drooling is another sign.

  • Rebekah8787

    He chews on everything and is always looking for something to put in his mouth.

  • imspikesmom

    My son started teething at 13 weeks but didn't pop a tooth until 5 months. Feel his gums and if they feel bumpy underneath or soft and swollen those are both indications that teeth are making their way through. Sometimes it takes forever for them to pop out and the symptoms will come and go for months with nothing.