What information does a new school need if we're moving from another state?

Real Mom Problem

“What do you need to enroll your child in a new school for a move to a different state? Anyone dealt with this? ”

by Moniker Moniker

Quick Tips

  • 1. For the most accurate information, call the new school to find out exactly what's required
  • 2. Proof of address, school transcripts, and medical records are common requirements
  • 3. If your child has an IEP, it can be helpful to provide that information as early as possible. You can request a copy from your child's former school

Real Mom Solutions

Moving a child to a new school, in a new state, will require specific paperwork. Not sure where to start? Find helpful information below from the moms of CafeMom.

  • graybealgirl

    Proof of address, shot records, school papers from old school.

  • frndlyfn

    School records from prior school, health records, proof of address for you, the parent. Other than that I am not sure. When you move, call the actual school to find out before you go register so you can put all the papers together at once.

  • SarahLizyB

    Call the new school. It has differed from school to school for my child.

  • goldilocksbecky

    Your best bet would be to call the school you are going to and ask. Here, you would need:

    Proof of address - This is to show that you are going to the right school within the system. Our school is fantastic, so people want to bring their kids here. But, we are already over capacity. So we are closed to transfers. In other words, if you don't actually live in our school's zone, you can't get a transfer. Here, a utility bill with your name and the address on it would be accepted. If you will be living with family and won't have bills in your name, you may need for one of them to bring a bill and their ID and then sign a statement that you are living with them. If you get your driver's license updated when you first get there you might be able to use that for proof of address. If the school you are going to is under capacity, the proof of address may be less of an issue.

    Proof of child's age - Generally a birth certificate (they will make a copy).

    Proof of immunization - A copy from her doctor will do (they will make a copy). This is already in her file at her old school, so they may not require it when you go to enroll and will be content to just wait until her records transfer. (I should mention the option of applying for a waiver under the new state's guidelines if you are a non-vaxer.)

    Contact information for the old school (name of school, phone number, name of secretary who handles student records) - This is just helpful to the secretary of the new school and will save her the step of looking up the phone number (since it's out of state and wouldn't be at her fingertips like a school across town would be). The old school most likely will not give you her records. At most they may give you a photocopy of a few critical documents. What happens is you will enroll her in the new school, the new school will contact the old school to let them know she has enrolled and request that they send her records, at that time, the old school will officially withdraw her. It's done this way so that kids don't "disappear" and fall through the cracks. For example, a parent withdraws a child from one school on the pretense of moving. The child is never actually enrolled anywhere else (and no other school knows anything about her so has no reason to miss her).This way if a week or so passes and no request for records come, the old school still has her enrolled and would know to raise some red flags and figure out where this kid is.

    IEP or information about any special services - If your child has an IEP or receives special services, please give this information to the new school when you enroll. You can take your parent copy and let them make a copy from it. Or if you can't find your parent copy, have someone at the old school make you a copy to take with you (the parent can request an additional copy of the IEP at any time). Like I said above, the new school will have to request records and it can take a couple of weeks for all of that to happen. In the meantime, if your child has special needs, the new school has nothing to work from in terms of meeting her needs and providing services. Also know that special needs services differ from place to place (especially state to state). So just because a child received a certain service in one school doesn't mean it will be offered (or look the same) in another.

    Other than that, the new school will have their forms for you to fill out. Good luck with your move.