How can I keep dust under control?

Real Mom Problem

“My house stays covered in dust! I dust five days a week. I have low dust/allergy furnace filters, I open the windows as much as possible, and yet still we are covered in dust! Help! The dust bunnies are taking us over and trying to multiply!”

by Bluetick Bluetick

Quick Tips

  • 1. Invest in a good vacuum with attachments and vacuum often; including hard-to-reach and oft-forgotten areas
  • 2. Consider an air-filtration system
  • 3. Be sure to include blinds, ceiling fans, and baseboards, in your regular dusting schedule
  • 4. Launder or dry clean bedding, drapes, throw rugs, etc. often
  • 5. Try keeping knickknacks, toys, and stuffed animals to a minimum to cut down on dust
  • 6. Store your things in drawers or cabinets whenever possible, and keep items that don't get used often in plastic containers or bags
  • 7. Donate, sell, or toss stuff you don't want or won't use

Real Mom Solutions

Doesn't it seem like the minute you finish dusting, you have to do it again? Unfortunately there's no way to make dust disappear forever, but these moms have helpful tips for keeping dust to a minimum.

Becky Becky

Our Expert Mom Says...

Keeping dust under control means dusting on a regular basis, weekly is optimal. When you dust, start at the top and work your way down. If you have a second floor, start there and dust the tallest surfaces and move down to the lowest surfaces. I dust on Tuesdays and then I vacuum floors on Wednesdays. My favorite dusting tools are a duster with an extendable handle and a dusting mitt. I shake them outside as I dust and as necessary to keep from spreading the dust around. I dust corners and ceilings quarterly and I like to use the brush attachment on my vacuum cleaner to keep the dust in the vacuum and out of the air. Add dusting lights, fans, and blinds to your cleaning rotation and you'll see how much easier it is to dust when the "big" dusting tasks are incorporated because there's less dust being blown around.

Weekly vacuuming and washing or "beating" area rugs will also help with dust control. If you're having a hard time keeping the dust down, or if someone in your house has allergies, you might need to incorporate some other dust-fighting measures; like a better furnace air filter, synthetic pillows with allergen-reducing cases, sealed mattress covers, less things on shelves that can collect dust, and making sure that you vacuum out closets and wipe down closet shelves on a regular basis.

Becky, aka Clean Mama, is a cleaning expert, list maker, wife, and busy mom to three little ones. She blogs at Clean Mama where she talks about all things clean and organized and she has a successful Etsy shop, Clean Mama Printables, where she helps others make lists, organize, and clean. She's been featured in HGTV magazine, as well as on, and Becky strives to make homekeeping fun AND easily implemented into everyday life.

The Moms of CafeMom Say...

  • Jeanniedoll

    Vacuum first and then dust. My carpets and floors have to be cleaned first. I vacuum almost every day. I do not dust every day.

  • Pherlyce

    I dust twice a week. My mom told me the best way to do it is, before vacuuming, wipe everything down with a wet rag followed by a dry one, including the floor. Make sure to move all the furniture at least once a month to dust behind it and in the corners where dust collects. Why use a wet rag? Because if you dust with only a dry rag, the particles of dust will just fly around and be transferred to other parts of your home; a wet rag grabs all the dust. Rinse your rag and wring it out every so often as you go along, and replace it with a fresh one when necessary. This has really helped me a lot and I've been doing it for more than twenty years.


    Besides sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and polishing, when it comes down to the crevices, corners, and little spots here and there, I actually get down onto the floor and use a soft cotton rag with some liquid cleaner on it to really get at the dust. Everybody should take off their shoes at the entrance to your home and that will result in less dust and dirt coming in. You can also put a mat inside your door, and one outside as well, that you can shake clean outside, and then maybe a separate mat for shoes.

  • mom2four1978

    I vacuum everything, every day, even the hard-surface floors. I find that helps because when I sweep the hard floors it just pushes dust and pet hair into the air. And once a week I vacuum the filter on my clean-air return. (That might be on the furnace in your home.)

  • KayMMIV

    Air purifiers help a lot with dust. Then just a damp cloth does the rest.

  • Erin814

    I polish the furniture once a week with a quality polish, and I dust with a Swiffer daily.