What are the best tricks for cleaning a bathroom quickly?

Real Mom Problem

“What tips do you have to make cleaning bathrooms more efficient and getting it done as quickly as possible?”

by Bmat Bmat

Quick Tips

  • 1. Keep cleaning supplies handy in the bathroom to save time when you're ready to clean
  • 2. Stay organized and keep clutter to a minimum so you can easily clean around your stuff
  • 3. Consider keeping a spray cleaner and squeegee in your shower to wipe down the walls after you shower each day
  • 4. If you can, multi-task and clean while your kids are in the tub or shower

Real Mom Solutions

For most people, cleaning the bathroom is not fun, but unfortunately it has to be done. How do you do it as quickly as possible? These moms can tell you!

Becky Becky

Our Expert Mom Says...

I clean four bathrooms in 15-20 minutes every week using this technique:

  • Get all your supplies in order: all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, toilet brush, microfiber window cloth, four cotton cleaning rags (one for each bathroom), and a microfiber cleaning cloth for bathtubs and showers. I like to use a microfiber cleaning cloth or Mr. Clean sponge for my bathtubs and showers. It gets rid of any soap scum and any water marks with a quick wipe. (New to the world of microfiber cleaning cloths? Check out the cleaning supply aisle at any big-box store. Little known fact: the automotive section also carries microfiber cloths for even cheaper.)
  • Go into the first bathroom and spray the mirror with window cleaner, wipe it clean with your microfiber window cloth (this might not seem like a necessary cleaning tool, but seriously it is amazing--streak-free windows and mirrors every.single.time.).
  • Clean the toilet with your all-purpose cleanser and toilet brush, then spray down the sink, toilet and tub/shower with disinfectant and don't wipe it off.
  • Leave one clean cotton rag in the bathroom, move on to the next bathroom and repeat (mirror, toilet, spray down everything).
  • Once I've done this in all the bathrooms, I go back to bathroom #1 and quickly wipe down everything with the clean rag I left (I wipe the toilet last, and I use a clean cotton rag in each bathroom to avoid any cross-contamination).
  • Notice that I didn't mention floors. I wash all the bathroom floors on Thursdays when I wash all the floors in the house.

Need a checklist? I have a FREE bathroom deep-cleaning checklist available here, and I also carry a couple of different types of cleaning checklists and kits in my shop.

Becky, aka Clean Mama, is a cleaning expert, list maker, wife, and busy mom to three little ones. She blogs at Clean Mama where she talks about all things clean and organized and she has a successful Etsy shop, Clean Mama Printables, where she helps others make lists, organize, and clean. She's been featured in HGTV magazine, as well as on Oprah.com, and BHG.com. Becky strives to make homekeeping fun AND easily implemented into everyday life.

The Moms of CafeMom Say...

  • nickygsmommy

    I have a deep-clean checklist for each room. It keeps me focused, and if I get pulled away from cleaning (I swear kids have their mini emergencies ONLY when you are in the middle of something), I can go straight back to what I was doing.

  • millerbunch

    I always have to have cleaning wipes in the bathrooms to wipe down and under toilet seats.

  • shawnalmil

    Whenever you leave the bathroom, wipe counter and sink down.

  • natesmom1228

    I love the Lysol disinfecting wipes. I use them constantly. I have them in just about every room of the house for quick clean-ups. They disinfect and clean with one swipe. I have them in lemon and regular scent. I use lemon in the kitchen and bathroom.

  • ahcory

    I usually clean all the bathrooms at the same time. I have two-and-a-half baths, so the full ones get sprayed down, I turn on the vents to keep the fumes from overwhelming the rooms, and then I clean the half bath while the other two are "soaking."

  • epilepsymom

    I wipe down all the surfaces of the bathroom every time I go in. Also I have totally redone my cabinets so I have nothing on the counters. No clutter makes it look cleaner.