What are the best tricks for keeping my home clean when I have pets?

Real Mom Problem

“How do you control pet hair? We have three cats. I love the kitties, but I don't love their fur all over.”

by Bmat Bmat

Quick Tips

  • 1. Dust and vacuum regularly to keep pet hair and dust down to a minimum
  • 2. Clean animal cages and fish tanks weekly and launder dog and cat beds regularly
  • 3. Try to use natural, pet-friendly cleaning products; vinegar is great for absorbing animal urine smells
  • 4. Put a towel or rug down by the door and/or wipe your pet's paws when he comes in from outside to help keep dirt out
  • 5. Bathe your pet according to your veterinarian's recommendations and brush or comb furry pets regularly

Real Mom Solutions

Pets are great, but cleaning up after them is whole 'nother ball of fur...um...wax. See what these moms suggest for keeping your space clean and spotless -- unless your pet's name is Spot, of course!

Becky Becky

Our Expert Mom Says...

Wiping your pet's paws when they come in from outside will keep your floors relatively dirt-free and mud-free. Warm water and a rag or paper towel work well for wiping paws, or you could keep a container of unscented baby wipes at the door for wiping muddy paws. Sweeping and vacuuming on a regular basis are crucial to keeping the floors clean and the pet hair to a minimum. I also like to use a lint roller on furniture to quickly trap pet hair. If your pet is allowed on the furniture you might want to put a towel or blanket on their favorite spot so you can just toss that in your washing machine. Vacuuming floor and wall vents on a regular basis (at least four times a year) will help to keep pet dander and fur out of the air.

If you have pets of the caged variety, make sure that you are cleaning the cage weekly (at least). Cedar shavings keep small pet cages smelling fresh naturally. Fish bowls and tanks need to be cleaned weekly.

If you need to keep pet hair and dander down to a minimum because of allergies, look for a pet that is shed-less or short-haired, but know that even some shorter-haired dogs like Labradors shed an excessive amount (I speak from experience with my own brown fur ball). Bathing and brushing them on a regular basis will help keep the hair off your floor and furniture.

Becky, aka Clean Mama, is a cleaning expert, list maker, wife, and busy mom to three little ones. She blogs at Clean Mama where she talks about all things clean and organized and she has a successful Etsy shop, Clean Mama Printables, where she helps others make lists, organize, and clean. She's been featured in HGTV magazine, as well as on Oprah.com, and BHG.com. Becky strives to make homekeeping fun AND easily implemented into everyday life.

The Moms of CafeMom Say...

  • Sarah961

    Sweep, mop, and dust often, and take your pet outside to brush its fur.

  • michiganmom116

    I have three dogs and five cats, all in the house. Here's how I do it: give the dogs regular baths, wash their bedding weekly, keep the cat's litter box cleaned, and use a pet odor spray on carpets if necessary (I'd use a vinegar and water solution to see if it works).

  • connorsmommy120

    We have a black lab that sheds horribly. I am constantly vacuuming and sweeping. She isn't allowed on the couches or beds.

  • Mrs.Green0312

    The Dyson vacuum has the pet hair brush attachment that's sold separately. You hook it up to the slinky tube piece and brush your pet while it sucks up the fur in the brush -- it's amazing!

  • wandep

    We use air filters for allergies. Also, I try to sweep at least twice a week. I hate the cat hair!