How should I organize my laundry room?

Real Mom Problem

“Does anyone have any ideas for reorganizing a laundry room?”

by Disneygirl11 Disneygirl11

Quick Tips

  • 1. Try out ideas you've seen online or in friends' homes
  • 2. Make a list of all things that would help make laundry as easy as possible
  • 3. Don't forget to leave space for laundry detergents and products, as well as for folding, hanging stuff to dry, and treating stains (including a sink if possible)
  • 4. Look around your home for items that can be repurposed for storage and other laundry needs
  • 5. Set up a system the whole family can follow

Real Mom Solutions

Whether you're lucky enough to have a true laundry room or you have only a tiny space to work with, you can set up a great laundry station, and system, with a little creativity and the help of these moms!

Hannah Keeley Hannah Keeley

Our Expert Mom Says...

Organizing your laundry room begins way before the clothes hit the washing machine. First, make sure you make it is easy and accessible to get dirty laundry where it should be. Laundry hampers with lids may not seem like a challenge to us, but for little kids (or lazy teenagers), lifting the lid is sometimes overlooked, and the laundry piles up on top. Get open hampers that are already divided into lights and darks. This way, the clothes are already sorted for you.

As for stain lifters, keep those in places where stains actually happen so you can treat the clothes before they hit the hamper. We keep stain pens and treatments in the kitchen, where most spills happen and where most kids run in after falling in the mud or getting a skinned-up knee.

When the laundry makes it to the laundry room, be sure you have supplies that are easily accessible for all ages. This means no high shelves unless you never want your younger kids to learn how to do laundry. A good organizer is a wire basket rack on wheels. Your supplies will fit perfectly, and you can wheel it around where you need it to be.

Make sure you keep a small jar or plastic cup in your laundry room to get all the odds and ends that you often find in pockets. Every month, I earn a couple of lattes from all the change I've pulled out!

And, of course, make sure you keep an empty basket handy to put clean clothes.

Hannah Keeley is the producer and host of the national television series, "Hannah, Help Me!" She is also the author of "Hannah Keeley's Total Mom Makeover," founder of the mom website,, and the mother of seven rambunctious kids! Hannah has appeared on the "Today" show, "Fox and Friends", TLC, and has been a frequent guest on the "Rachael Ray Show". She has also been featured in "The Wall Street Journal," "Better Homes and Gardens," and "Real Simple" magazine.

The Moms of CafeMom Say...

  • HollyHawk333

    I'm all about repurposing right now. I took the top shelf off of my daughter's changing table so two baskets fit in it and I store extra laundry stuff and winter boots on the bottom shelf. My laundry room is the mud room, too. It all depends on the space you have and what you are looking to do with it.


    You can use some plastic inexpensive crates for storage in a laundry room or area. You can use a board that you can prop onto the top of the washer and the dryer for easy folding without having to go out and buy a folding table. You can cover the wooden board with contact paper for a smooth surface. If you decide to use the board for ironing, you can also cover it with a fabric. When you're finished with it, just prop the board up against the wall so that it is out of the way. Baskets are great for storing and stowing stuff away. Hooks on the walls and shelves are also great for organizing.

  • NewburghMama

    In my laundry room I have a folding table, a wall-length shelf where I keep laundry and cleaning supplies, and then just a long clothing rod beneath the shelf. It's great because when I need to dry something, I just throw it on a hanger and "hang" it.