How can I decorate my bathroom on a budget?

Real Mom Problem

“I need help with my bathroom. We are on a tight budget. Any ideas?”

by autumnleaf autumnleaf

Quick Tips

  • 1. A simple coat of paint, or some new accents, can be enough to give your bathroom a fresh look
  • 2. Whenever possible, do the work yourself
  • 3. Thrift stores and yard sales can be great sources for mirrors, lighting, and more
  • 4. Use family photos, framed postcards, or handmade crafts as inexpensive design elements
  • 5. Look for items in your home that you can refurbish or repurpose for use in your bathroom
  • 6. Incorrectly mixed paint, or "Oops Paint" can be purchased for a discount

Real Mom Solutions

A tight budget does not have to mean a boring bathroom. Let the moms of CafeMom help you brighten up your bath without spending a lot of cash!

  • kellynh

    Doing it yourself is the best way to save.

  • Momplusmore

    Thrift stores are a great way to do some redecorating at a real savings.

  • ReesesPieces

    My half-bath is chocolate brown with lime green hand towels, and three small canvas squares covered with some patterned fabric, and a long rectangle canvas covered with coordinating fabric (all in lime green, white, and chocolate). Total cost was a half gallon of paint, 1.5 yards of fabric (with plenty left over) and the canvases that I bought on sale for 50% off.

  • deedee3849

    We remodeled our bathroom and it really was not that expensive. In fact we had a garage sale and used the money from the sale to remodel the bathroom! I looked in outlet stores like TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning for beautiful designer looking decor for cheap. It looks really nice!

  • Michele1968

    Tight budgets are what life is made of! Start with a gallon of white paint for the trim and cabinet. Buy new knobs for the cabinet. You can get stick on tiles or laminate flooring pretty cheap since it's only the bathroom. You can pick up white trim really cheap at Home Depot and Velcro (yes, Velcro) or Gorilla Glue it to the mirror...that would look awesome! I did my main bathroom recently and my cabinets were oak...I painted them white (prime them first) and the wall color is "oops" paint I found. My mirrors were on clearance for $15 each and I got a new faucet and light. New colors do so much for a bath!

  • mzbarker2

    If you are really on a tight budget, check your local thrift stores for useable mirrors and also new lights! People donate them when they remodel.

  • ReesesPieces

    Earlier this year I redecorated our upstairs bathroom and it was pretty inexpensive - a gallon of paint, some new towels, and it gave the room a great new look.

  • starlight1968

    I shop at the dollar stores. You can find all kinds of knickknacks to decorate the walls, cabinets etc.