How should I decorate my bathroom?

Real Mom Problem

“I am thinking about redecorating a few bathrooms around here and am looking for ideas. What do you think? How is your bathroom decorated?”

by sew4fun sew4fun

Quick Tips

  • 1. Choose a theme or motif and let that guide the rest of your décor
  • 2. Consider trying to match, or compliment, the colors in existing fixtures, flooring, etc.
  • 3. Let your kids have a say in the decorating process
  • 4. Plan your décor around a single item such as a picture, shower curtain, or rug
  • 5. Find inspiration online, in magazines, and from the homes of friends and family

Real Mom Solutions

Are you experiencing home decorator's block? Let the moms of CafeMom help get your creative juices flowing by sharing their favorite bathroom décor!

Find Inspiration from the Moms of CafeMom

  • timon95

    The kids' bathroom has a Nemo theme and we have a fish tank hanging on the wall with a real fish inside.

  • telecomgirl

    Ours is beach/ocean/seashell themed - the kids picked it. We have super pale green/almost white with a hint of green walls, very light blue accents, tan rugs, and seashells in baskets everywhere. I love it!

  • ceciliam

    I like very classic and traditional design so I don't do bathroom themes.

  • gabgabsmom

    My kids' bathroom is all decked out: Pictures on the wall, rugs, shower curtain, toothbrush holders, and towels that match with the theme which is jungle animals. On the sink I have pictures of them in the bath that do not show personal parts, and bamboo in a vase.

  • girlinblack

    My master bath is French country. My guest bath has a beach cottage theme. My third bathroom has an African decor.

  • MamaMandee

    Our smaller bathroom has a fishing/duck theme...but not childish or cartoon like. Our larger bathroom has a lighthouse theme.

  • lablaw1126

    The main bath is decorated with primitive decor. To hold robes I have old faucets on a board. And I also have some pip berry rings holding some tea stained towels and things like that.

  • gabsmome

    I made both our bathrooms a seashell theme.

  • TheBabyFactory4

    We just redid our bathroom last year. It's a beach/flip flop scene. I LOVE IT!

  • lioness3e

    I'm looking into doing a Zen theme when we get a house. I can incorporate what I already have in my apartment.

  • Jenni_Lynne71

    Mine is white walls with an aqua colored rug, and shower curtain with bright green frogs, and lily pads, and bright red flowers, and fish on it. I am slowly buying decorative frog items for in there also. I use a very small flower pot with a frogs clinging to the side of it as a toothbrush holder.

  • campeno

    My master bath is next on the "to update" list. Plans are for a spa feel. Kids' bathroom has a slight safari theme. Guest bath has no theme.

  • QuiltLover

    Totally country cottage in one...all white painted, real beaded board. The downstairs is just wood walls, tiled shower, and chocolate and blue at its best.

Plus: Decorate for Kids or Company?

  • DomesticDoll

    Remember they are just "guests" so it's not like you should decorate for their "taste." It's your house and your kids' bathroom!

  • imthatgirl728

    My sister-in-law's guest bathroom is also the one her children use. It's all fish and really kiddie looking. Honestly I think it's tacky. If it was part of the kids' bedrooms then maybe it would be different. In her house it's the guest bathroom. Personally I wouldn't do it.

  • starryeyez23

    Who cares what guests think? They don't live there. If they don't like it, don't use it. Decorate it special for your kids!

  • zjonzie

    I am one of those moms that keep the bathroom design what I want. There are many ways to decorate that can be little-girl-beautiful yet still company-friendly.

  • teri4lance

    Our kid bathroom is done in yellow, and blue, and rubber duckies. It's also the guest bathroom if we have sleepover guests. I made all the rubber ducky decorations for the bathroom - it came out super cute and totally unique since I handmade everything.