How can I spruce up a small bathroom?

Real Mom Problem

“I have the world's ittiest bittiest bathroom and I need help decorating it...please!”

by LadyLuck13 LadyLuck13

Quick Tips

  • 1. Well placed mirrors can make a small space seem larger
  • 2. Painting the walls and ceiling one single color help to open up a room
  • 3. Eliminating clutter and keeping accessories sparse adds to a feeling of openness

Real Mom Solutions

Decorating a small space can be challenging. See how the moms of CafeMom tackle the task of spiffing up a small bath.

  • JenniferDacey

    I think too much pattern, and colors like black and red make a bathroom feel even smaller. A large mirror is a must, to really give the illusion of a larger space. Start with a can of paint, and things will look better before you know it.

  • HeatheranninSP

    I have a tiny bathroom, too, and my solution is to keep hardly anything in it that we don't really use daily. If you don't already, get drawer organizers and pull-outs for where the pipes are underneath the sink. A cabinet for over the toilet is a good idea.

  • mzbarker2

    You can use a large, framed mirror or mirror tile on one wall and get a lot out of a small space! And don't be afraid of dark colors. In a very small bath they can be quite elegant and alleviate the need for a lot of other decoration!

  • Bmat

    When I was growing up there were five kids using the same bathroom. We each had our toiletries in our own plastic bucket which we stored in the bedroom. There wasn't much clutter in that bathroom.

  • Snu

    If your bathroom is on the small side, do what I did: remove entirely the shade and curtain, and spray the windows for privacy with frosted spray. The space looks cleaner and bigger with no window treatment. Try painting your walls and ceiling in the same color. It is a nice clean look that doesn't break up the room.

  • jfreak

    We have a tiny bath also, so I took all my large bath towels out, rolled each one and then added an antique table on the wall across from the vanity and placed them on the lower shelf while adding decorative items on top. I keep my counter clutter free except for two different colored vases with accent flowers. Under the vanity I purchased a Rubbermaid three-drawer container and I place all the odd things in it (band-aids, cold medicine, razors, etc.). My husband has a cheap dollar store basket for his items and one for his electric shavers while I have one each for my blow dryers, brushes and make-up. This allows for a lot more room under my vanity and then things can also be stacked.

  • Karbear

    When small, go monochromatic (all one color). Go bright and take things down off the wall. I would also put up a big mirror. If you can afford a new tub, put a glass door on it. Your bathroom will appear bigger. Also, in general, just try to keep as much clutter out as possible.

  • Psalm91

    I would go with white wainscoting on the bottom; about three feet high. This will appear to enlarge the room. A larger mirror framed over the sink will open the room up also. No rugs on the floor. Light accessories.