How can I keep my toiletries organized?

Real Mom Problem

“Do any of you have a way to organize and keep things clean or am I just doomed to have a messy bathroom?”

by hammondx9 hammondx9

Quick Tips

  • 1. Only keep out the toiletries you use most often
  • 2. If cabinet or shelf space is limited, consider using crates, baskets, or bins
  • 3. Try having family members keep personal toiletries in bedrooms and only bring to the bathroom as needed
  • 4. Don't store a large supply of spare items

Real Mom Solutions

Is your bathroom overrun with toiletries? Get advice from other moms on how to keep counter clutter to a minimum!

Lorie Marrero Lorie Marrero

Our Expert Mom Says...

Toiletries are best organized by thinking of your inventory in the bathroom as two types: A "working supply," which are the items you use every day that you need very handy, and a "backstock" of spares you will access when your working supply has run out. Your working supply can be stored in a drawer by the sink, in a bowl or tray on the vanity, or in a medicine cabinet. These items are things like your toothpaste, favorite moisturizer, facial wash, usual makeup, and eye cream. Most of the backstock can be organized by parts of the body, meaning categories of spare supplies for hair, teeth, nails, and skin. You can store those together in bins under the sink or in a cabinet or linen closet. My rule of spares (which applies to all areas of the house) is that you have one in use and one spare, and any more than that is typically not needed. Accessing your spare is your trigger to buy a replacement.

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The Moms of CafeMom Say...

  • darlyn63

    In my bathroom, to help keep things organized, I purchased different sized containers and printed up some labels so items could stay somewhat in order. Seems to be working for the most part; even hubby was happy. Not everything is just tossed in the bathroom closet, laying around with no home. So with labeled containers for teeth products, hair items, and nail accessories, it helps keep the bathroom items tidier and more organized.

  • PEEK05

    We have a cabinet above the toilet. It has plenty of room for everyone's stuff.

  • athenax3

    Give each kid their own "grooming bag" with their personal hygiene products in them which they keep in their room and take to and from the restroom with them.

  • czshcecnc

    My counters stay clean. I have a container I keep the hair bows in and everything else is put out when needed. It is either in the linen closet or under the bathroom sink. My oldest has a small crate where she keeps everything she needs, and she keeps it in her room. My son keeps his cologne in his room. My 11-year-old girl puts her stuff together the night before so it gets put away in the morning. The only things on my counters are toothbrushes, two toothpastes, soap, and a squirt bottle with a brush.

  • MamisAngels

    I have organized everything by using two small, wicker baskets for each of our items. My husband's basket keeps his brush, electric shaver, hair products, etc. Mine keeps my brush, face creams, etc. The baskets are on either side of the sink countertop. Then I have one bigger basket for replacement items we both use: toothpaste, soap, cotton swabs, etc. That one is kept in the cabinet under the sink. It's been working nicely to keep everything neat and organized.