What are the best ways to arrange family photos on my walls?

Real Mom Problem

“We want all the family pictures on the walls, but we're clueless on how to arrange them. Any help would be great!”

by TuckyGirl TuckyGirl

Quick Tips

  • 1. Choose picture frames in similar colors to create a more polished look
  • 2. Create templates of your frames with paper or tape, and test out different arrangements before putting holes in your walls
  • 3. Consider adding other items to your arrangement like sconces or decorative lettering
  • 4. Be sure to hang pictures at, or around, eye level

Real Mom Solutions

Artfully arranged photos can be a great way to show off your family while also adding a decorative touch to your home. Get tips and tricks here from the moms of CafeMom!

  • aintitgrand

    Having a wall of family pictures is becoming popular again! You can use all different sizes and even hang little wooden words like 'dream' or 'believe'. You can even hang a candle sconce in the grouping too. I think it looks better if all the frames are in the same color family though, doesn't have to be exact, but similar is better.

  • Qivarys

    I personally like starting with one main focal picture and then adding other ones around it in a collage. My "heart-shaped" grouping has our family picture as the main center piece with extending family pictures surrounding our immediate family.

  • MelindaD

    I've been working on our family pictures and I bought one giant frame that had a bunch of spots for pictures, then I can add smaller frames around that large one. I'm sticking with simple black frames to tie them together. You could use masking tape to tape off your frames on the wall to see if you like it before you use nails.

  • BlueOrchid1122

    I'm an interior decorator and we actually learned a bit about arranging pictures in school. While, magazines offer some great ideas, sometimes (to me) it seems a bit cluttered or too chaotic. There are a few elements that you might want to consider when grouping photos together. First, begin by arranging the pictures on the floor. You'll want to form an invisible grid, all the pictures should be in alignment, not sporadic. For example, you could have one large picture and the two smaller ones next to the larger one, as long as they fit on the "invisible grid". You may also want to consider using black and white photos as this will give you a very clean look. It may be a good idea to ensure that the frames are the same color, as it ties all the photos together (of you do not want to replace the frames, consider spray painting them the same color).

  • kyco363

    I am currently going to school to become and interior designer - in my somewhat "professional" opinion, here are some things to consider: First of all, if you are going to collage it then fine. But, if you are trying to decorate your house in a certain style then maybe there are some more creative things you can do. For instance, I decorate my house in a more contemporary style so I have made my family photos into art. I have chosen the ones that I LOVE and used Photoshop to alter them. If you don't know how to use Photoshop - you can take your files to Kinko's. They can blow images up and put them on canvas for you or just make a vinyl poster, I promise they look great.

  • campeno

    Basically I would choose frames that are the same color, but not necessarily the exact same frame. Same color, different sizes/designs. Then I would lay them down and group them on the floor. Make several groupings rather than one large grouping. You can cut out mock frames from paper and hang them on the wall to see if you like the layout before you start hammering in nails. Hang the pictures at eye level....most people hang them way too high.

  • MomsTaxiAndATM

    I always look for an empty space on my wall first that looks like it is calling out to have something hung on it. Then I place my hanging items on the floor to arrange them in a look I like! Visualize the pattern you have set out on the floor on to the wall. You may have to make some slight adjustments while hanging to allow for other visual things like lamps and furniture to balance. You can also take masking tape and apply it to the wall in the shapes and sizes of the frames to look at it that way first. I also try to keep all similar colors together. On one wall I only have pictures that are related to the beach and the outdoors in some way. Most of them have hints of the blue sky, water, sand, or snow.

  • caham

    Once you have your frames decided, use craft paper or newspaper and draw a template for each frame. Then rather than banging holes everywhere in your wall, play and arrange the templates (using tape) on your wall so you can see the layout and decide exactly where you want to hang them. It is important to remember a few things when hanging pictures. One of the most common mistakes people make is hanging them too high. Pictures should be hung at eye level. There are some exceptions that can be made, but the focal point of the grouping should be eye level or approximately 56 inches from the floor to the center of the picture. With that said, it important to remember scale when hanging prints, if you have a 20 foot long wall that is 10 feet tall, and hang three 5X7 photos on that wall it will look a little odd and not to scale.