How can I make décor changes to my home without spending a lot of money?

Real Mom Problem

“I am itching to do some redecorating. What do you do to your house when you want to make a big change with little money?”

by prncessme prncessme

Quick Tips

  • 1. Simply rearranging furniture can sometimes give a room a whole new feel
  • 2. Changing up pictures and adding new accents like pillows and candles can make a big difference
  • 3. Painting even one wall might be all the change you need
  • 4. Look for used furniture, window treatments, accessories, and more at thrift stores, yard sales, and online
  • 5. Consider trying some DIY projects to save money on accents and furniture

Real Mom Solutions

A home makeover doesn't have to mean a wallet takeover! See how the moms of CafeMom spruce up their homes without spending much money.

  • goddess99

    We just redid our bedroom. We made a headboard for our bed and moved it to the other side of the room. We had 90% of the things we needed. Probably spent less than $20 for the rest.

  • ReesesPieces

    Earlier this year I redecorated our upstairs bathroom and it was pretty inexpensive - a gallon of paint, some new towels and it gave the room a great new look.

  • HeatherNYC

    I've researched many ways to make a big décor changeroo for not much money.

    • Move your furniture. I know, sounds like a "Duh!" kind of suggestion, but when was the last time you really thought to move that couch to a new spot...instead of looking for a new couch for the old spot? Go one step further and swap furniture from room to room. That chair in the guest bedroom? Maybe move it to the family room and switch that other chair to the basement. Put an ottoman or repainted chair from the basement in that guest bedroom.
    • Get rid of furniture. Often rooms start to look too cramped. You know that little bookshelf that doesn't hold much anyway? Sell it at your next garage sale or use it in the garage to hold tools to open up a corner. You'd be surprised how moving out little pieces here and there can really make a huge impact.
    • Recover, recover, recover. Get some material and recover chairs, throw pillows, ottomans and transform a room instantly. Get a new duvet cover for your bedspread or a coverlet and all of a sudden, you have a brand new look and feel to that bedroom. So easy -- and not too much money is spent.
    • Paint. Painting is the cheapest way to change the look of a room. Even one wall or the trim or giving the room a fresh coat of paint is enough to feel like you've done a big renovation.

  • daerca574

    I like to reuse what I can and repurpose items. I just redid my kitchen and only bought paint!

  • Princessofscots

    I am a thrift store fanatic. I have the best "thrifting karma" as my husband calls it. You don't have to buy brand new fabric at a fabric store to recover dining room chairs, or make pillows, etc. You can purchase lots of never-touched stuff at thrift stores, like single curtain panels, etc. Toss them in the washer and the fabric is as good as new.

  • Threes.Company

    I just redecorated my living/dining rooms. I sold a bunch of old junk from around the house and then used the money to purchase nice, resale items instead!

  • allyn9

    For me, it's sometimes as simple as a quart of paint and changing the color of one wall for a new accent, and then rearranging pillows and candles in the rooms.

  • mrswillie

    We are redecorating our bedroom now. We laid new floor, got new furniture, window treatments, and wall decor and I am going to paint. Most of the furniture, wall décor, and window treatments are used.

  • yvonne37

    I usually change small things and move some others around. I mainly buy curtains, throws, table cloths and stuff like that, and it makes a room "look" different.