How often should I rearrange the furniture in my home?

Real Mom Problem

“How often do you rearrange your rooms? I really want new furniture, but it's just not in the budget. I like rearranging things. It seems "new" even though it's not.”

by the3Rs the3Rs

Quick Tips

  • 1. Moving furniture around can help you feel as if you've had a home makeover without spending a dime
  • 2. Consider changing up your arrangement at the same time you do a deep clean
  • 3. If rearranging isn't possible, try moving around photos and other accents for a fresh change

Real Mom Solutions

Looking for a change but can't - or don't want to - spend a lot of money? How about rearranging your furniture for a whole new look? The moms of CafeMom share their thoughts below.

Some Moms Rearrange Often

  • etsmom

    My husband hates that I have to rearrange about every three months. I have to have a change. I think that it is about the seasons changing, so the energy in the room changes or something.

  • lisahappymom

    I agree that, for some reason, rearranging a room can feel like a fresh start. I love doing it every few years. It's like getting a new house without the mortgage.

  • kmom523

    I am a rearranger. I love playing decorator I guess. Or just call me a big girl playing with her big doll house. I love changing things around and pulling things from other rooms to make each room look new and inviting.

  • twinpicks

    I usually move my furniture around every six months or so and if not, then I just move my pictures around. It helps me get things into perspective and jumpstart changes in my life.

  • lovemymarine18

    I rearrange all the time! I get bored with things being in the same place. I probably change something in at least one room, once a month or so. All my rooms get changed...although the kitchen and dining room probably happen the least.

  • dwmom2008

    I like to do different things for the seasons. In the summer, I like to put on slipcovers with lighter colors, and change the area rugs. I'm also one who likes to change the pictures in the frames, but keep the same frames around.

  • epilepsymom

    I rearrange all the time. Drives my family nuts! The living room gets rearranged the most. A few times a year I will do my room. That way under my bed, walls etc. get a good scrubbing!

Other Moms Like Things Just the Way They Are

  • nickygsmommy

    I like to redo decor about every five years, but hardly ever move furniture. Once I have a room the way I like it, it doesn't change much.

  • loco_sue

    I have moved five times in the past four years, so rearranging the house is something I don't do. When we move I know where I want everything. I am tired of moving everything around so I just leave it.

  • nickygsmommy

    I only rearrange if we get rid of something, which isn't often. We have to move things a little for the Christmas tree, but other than that, I'm happy with the way things are. The kids' rooms get rearranged most often, but that's because they're young and we have to change out beds and large toys as they grow.

  • eatyourveges

    Our rooms are small so there is really only one reasonable way to arrange all of them. I'm constantly decorating though, and have been repainting and decorating our rooms one by one.

  • adamsmom0116

    Our house is 100+ years old so the rooms are really cut up. Between the windows and the doorways, there are only so many ways the furniture can go. We usually only rearrange at Christmas when we need a spot for the tree.