How can I spruce up my apartment?

Real Mom Problem

“We live in an apartment and it has generic white walls. I need some ideas on how to spruce it up.”

by beadingmom17 beadingmom17

Quick Tips

  • 1. Choose a theme or color scheme and find pillows, candles, pictures and other accents to match
  • 2. Window treatments and area rugs are great ways to bring color and personality to a room
  • 3. Removable decals can add interest to your walls without having to paint

Real Mom Solutions

Even if you live in a small space, or have restrictions on what you're allowed to change, you can still make your apartment feel like home. Get ideas below from the creative moms of CafeMom!

  • JulyBabies

    I love plants; they can completely transform a room.

  • babyboy117

    Decorative mirrors can make an apartment look a little bigger.

  • dusky_rose

    Try these suggestions:

    • Pick a color scheme and theme for each room. For example, when I was living in my apartment I picked red for my bathroom, and I like cats so I got different pictures of cats from a thrift store (with red in the picture) to go in my bathroom. And you can get red bath mats, etc. The key idea is to bring color into the room instead of just having beige if that's the color of the walls.
    • In your living room, instead of getting new furniture, get throw pillows in your color scheme and maybe a nice blanket that you could drape over the couch to add color (and pictures in that color scheme to add color as well). And if you don't want to buy art for your living room you can get matching frames and just put pictures of your family in there.
    • If your kids are really young, baby blankets (the quilt type with a picture on it) make nice wall hangings or if they are older let them pick out posters for their room(s), or you can look for those removable stickers that have a theme. I found some at a dollar store for my son's room that have a sports theme. They are supposed to be easy to remove from a painted surface (not wall paper). I have repositioned the ones in my son's room and haven't had a problem with that.
    • Also if you have to put up drapes yourself, that is another place you can add color. If there are already drapes hung, you could add a scarf type drape at the top of each window (kind of like a draped valance).
    • Another idea for inexpensive art is go to a dollar store to look at cards and if you see some that you like then look for a frame that will fit it (or if you already have some you really enjoyed getting just get a frame for them). I have a couple of cat cards that my husband gave to me when we were still dating that I framed and put in my bathroom. They personalize it and remind me of how much he loves me.

  • taina361

    Add pretty curtains, frames, mirrors, creative table centerpieces, or area rugs.