What kind of window treatments should I consider?

Real Mom Problem

“Do you like valances, curtains, shades, blinds; lace, sheer, prints, colors? Any thoughts, ideas or personal preferences?”


Quick Tips

  • 1. Decide if you'd like to let in lots of light, or make a room darker
  • 2. Consider factors like ease of installation and cleaning when choosing your window treatments
  • 3. Remember that some window treatments help control temperature by holding in heat, or keeping a room cool
  • 4. Changing your window treatments regularly can help give your room a fresh, new look

Real Mom Solutions

Need ideas for dressing up the inside of your home? See what the moms of CafeMom have on their windows -- and on their wish lists!

  • LilyofPhilly

    I've hung bamboo roman shades in a few rooms in my house. I really like the natural look. I also have panels on the sides of my living and dining room windows. I have cloth verticals on my family room sliders, and am getting them for the kitchen sliders, and a roman shade with matching fabric for the kitchen window.

  • cmeeso

    Less is more! I like sheer, it lets the sunlight in.

  • Sewsofun

    I like the combination of natural woven shades and a patterned, grommet style curtain. If you can't find a grommet style curtain you care for, you can use a panel with a pocket top (not tab top), find grommet tape, and attach it over the pocket top, but you'll have to account for maybe an inch or two length difference depending on the size of the grommets.

  • Steph75

    I just decided to change the window treatments in my entire house. We have to get custom shades for a 137 year old house with odd sized windows, so they are expensive. We can only get a few at a time. I'm going with the natural, woven wood shades. I LOVE them! We do the inside mounts so everything seems cleaner and less dusty. I can wipe down the woodwork easier without drapes in the way. I think I'm going to be very happy with them.


    I have gotten good deals going to discount stores for curtains, and I do change my curtains a lot throughout my apartment. I wash them, dry them and put them away a lot but I like to change them for every season. It's not easy but it's a nice change. I love the look of sheers in front of sliding glass doors. I also like the idea of a canopy that shades your house. Its' got a remote control for retrieving the canopy and it also comes with a mesh fabric that looks like an enclosed gazebo or tent for barbecues outside, right in front of the house, and for dinners or meals outside of the house.

  • lady-t3984

    I have used blinds, drapes, panels, even fabric from the fabric store. I usually change my window treatments twice a year.

  • TheJerseyGirl

    I have shades that I pull down at night for privacy. I'm a valance kind of girl...I have a lot of empire valances throughout the house and some waterfall valances in the kids' rooms. My youngest has curtains too because his is the only bedroom that gets full sun so he needs a break from the sun glare!

  • erienne06

    I like to sew my own. I usually pick bright and eye-catching patterns for the bedrooms and more calming or neutral tones for the living room.

  • CampClan

    I love curtains! Valances are cute too for the right rooms. I have curtains in my room only because it was the only bedroom without blinds when we moved in. The other rooms have fabric or plastic, vertical blinds which the kids HATE! We will be changing them soon!

  • Katie445

    Our house came with window treatments so I did not have to go through selecting them. The windows have cellular shades (which I would not have considered) but they really keep the draft out and do not cover much of the windows when they are open. We added natural shades to our kitchen windows and I like those too. I used a mobile app from baliblinds.com when I was choosing those - it made it easier for me to decide which window treatments I wanted.

  • LowryCuisine

    We're wanting shutters and curtains for most of our windows. A few rooms will have wooden blinds and curtains that match the room's colors and decor.

  • psych_mom

    I have white, faux wood blinds in my house. We are putting curtains up in the living room and kids' rooms, valances in the kitchen, dining room and master bath, and white sheers in the master bedroom.