What should we do if we can't agree on a name?

Real Mom Problem

“This is our first child. I love a name for the baby. Well my husband hates it! I have fallen in love with that name and don't know what to do.”

by 937mrsweaver 937mrsweaver

Quick Tips

  • 1. Keep an open mind about the baby's name. What appeals to you one month might not be your favorite the next
  • 2. Try compromising by letting one of you pick the first name and the other pick the middle name
  • 3. If you can't decide, bring a list of possibilities you agree on to the hospital, then decide once you meet the baby

Real Mom Solutions

Are you and your partner having a hard time agreeing on a name for your impending arrival? Let the moms of CafeMom help you work it out!

Keep an Open Mind

  • TTC2Long

    Keep an open mind and keep looking! If your husband absolutely hates it, it isn't the one. How would you like it if he loved a name you hated and he insisted on it? You both made the baby, you'll both be using this name for the rest of your lives. Take a deep breath, calm down, let the name go, and move on.

  • L8ly3196

    Twice I had chosen a name and there was NO other name I would accept, but as time went on I heard other names and my heart and mind changed. Keep an open mind. If your mind doesn't change tell hubby you're carrying and birthing the baby and that is what his name will be.

You Push -- You Pick

  • PepperWillow

    I told my husband that since I have to push them out, I get the final say. I think when they are growing inside of you, you pick up on signs of what the baby should be named. Both of my sons' names came to me while I was pregnant and they stuck.

Compromise on a Name

  • Heather2001

    I make the initial list, he vetoes the names he can't stand, then we talk about the remaining few. I love both my kids' names, but we're having a bit of an issue finding a name for this last baby. The name I really like is one my husband can't stand and it makes me sad.

  • kameka

    I hate it when moms think they have some magical ownership because their husband didn't carry the child. Well guess what, my husband carried me all 9 months (figuratively) and he should have just as much say in names. We agreed and compromised on all our kids' names.

  • cutestmom24

    I chose our daughter's first name and he chose her middle name.

  • Hazelnutkin

    We kept offering up suggestions until we could agree that we liked four or five first and middle combos. We took that list to the hospital and decided when we met the babies. No dispute when we saw them. It worked three times.