Should we choose a popular name or something more unique?

Real Mom Problem

“Everyone is in my face about how they hate our name! Am I dooming our son? I thought it was neat!”

by hello_kitty25 hello_kitty25

Quick Tips

  • 1. If you want a unique name, make sure the name is still easy to pronounce
  • 2. Consider your baby's future when choosing a name -- names with difficult spellings may make her school life or job search harder
  • 3. Compromise by choosing a traditional first name and a unique middle name
  • 4. Check the Social Security Administration's Popular Baby Names database to see how common your name choices are

Real Mom Solutions

Do you want a unique baby name, but you're not sure how unique to go? Where do you draw the line between helping your child stand out from the crowd and going too far? Let the moms of CafeMom help you decide.

It's Great to Be Unique

  • BabyDust77

    I am 100% all for unique names. I'm unique with my spelling.


    It depends on how off the wall the name is. Most people can pronounce my kids' names without problems but they're not names that a ton of kids have.

  • Actingbaby

    I like unique names, as long as you know how to pronounce it as soon as you see it.

Just Watch the Spelling

  • mem82

    I think spelling your kid's name weirdly gives them a lot of trouble down the road. My mom spelled my middle name slightly weirdly and I have had to correct people my whole life. It's not cute!

  • hello_kitty25

    I love unique names! Just not the ones with funny spellings because I always get tired of telling teachers and people on the phone how to spell my name.

  • LilGreenMonkey

    I generally like unique names but HATE ones that you have to "figure out" because the spelling is so bizarre.

Traditional is the Way to Go

  • yikesitsmindy

    I don't like names that you have to figure out. It may seem cute to you, but you are setting your child up for a lifetime of having to explain it to people. It always seems like adults who have difficult names don't love them.

  • sissy852

    I am not too into unique names. My sister and I have unique names and they are always misspelled or mispronounced.

  • nathans_mom407

    There have been studies done. In one study an identical resume was sent out to the same jobs. The only difference was the name. The resume with the unique name was least likely to be called for an interview. That being said, I don't mind people trying to make their children different from the rest. Just remember these are people who have to deal with these names for the rest of their lives, way past the cute kid stage.

  • Mom2Just1

    We are more traditional with the first name. I don't like the crazy spellings because it just looks like the parents were uneducated and could not spell correctly. I also do not like names that are not phonetically correct. I also think about what will happen down the line with college, jobs, etc.

Find the Middle Ground

  • Daniel0726

    My first, middle and last names have all been on the most common lists many times, so my plan with baby names is normal first name, unique middle name. If they get older and decide they want to go by the "cooler" name, they can, and if they hate it they can use their middle initial.

  • MeggieLee22

    I'm in the middle on this one. I like original names, but not insane ones. Blue Ivy? Apple? All I can think is...those poor children. Your name is a huge part of your identity and really off the wall names can get a child picked on a lot.