Is there anything I should do to improve my health before I try to conceive?

Real Mom Problem

“I want to start getting my body ready for baby. Should I be doing anything to prepare?”

by luvmykids08_10 luvmykids08_10

Quick Tips

  • 1. Start taking prenatal vitamins at least a few months before you plan to try to conceive
  • 2. You'll have an easier time conceiving and a healthier pregnancy if you start off at a good weight, so now's the time to lose extra pounds
  • 3. Before you get pregnant is a good time to wean yourself off caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, and medications that you can't take while pregnant
  • 4. Get dad involved, too -- a healthy diet and healthy habits are important for your partner as well

Real Mom Solutions

It's important to stay healthy during your pregnancy, but it's equally important to get a healthy start right from the beginning. Before you try to conceive, make sure your body is ready. Check out these tips from the moms of CafeMom.

Start Prenatals Before You Conceive

  • BeckyBrit

    I take prenatals. I checked with my doctor before I started. She said it was a good idea to take them before, during, and after pregnancy.

Make Sure You're at a Healthy Weight

  • nac723

    I'm a bit overweight . My OB said if a person can lose 10% of their body weight they have a higher chance of conceiving. I've lost 27 pounds in three weeks on the Atkins diet and I can say I have noticed a difference. I ovulated for the first time in months this past month. If you can do at least 30 minutes of exercise and cut out something in your diet (for me it was carbs and I'm a carb-a-holic) to drop the 10% you'll have a much higher chance of getting pregnant!

  • BridgetMc

    For me, the key was weight loss. And diet and exercise are what I needed. I began doing Zumba a minimum of twice a week (actually became an instructor) and began a low carb, moderate lean protein, almost all green vegetable, low fat dairy diet. I was able to lose 75 pounds in the course of about nine months. Got pregnant after almost five years of trying. We never were stressing about conceiving but were definitely never preventing. That was that worked.

Make Healthy Choices

  • ballerina18

    I started planning before we conceived. I took prenatal vitamins, went to the doctor and dentist for checkups, stopped drinking, and started eating healthier.

  • thinkingmom2be

    Not only did natural methods help me get pregnant but they helped me not miscarry. One tablespoon of fish oil a day, a good multivitamin, then adequate healthy proteins and a rainbow salad at every meal (meaning 30 grams of protein and multicolors of vegetable at each meal).

  • -Mommy-2-Three-

    I started taking prenatal and folic acid supplements before we started trying so that I was healthy, also exercising and eating a healthy well balanced diet to try to lose more of my previous baby weight to help. My husband also started a multivitamin a few months ago since sperm cycles are about 90 days, so we wanted to be sure his sperm were healthy by the time we started trying. We also don't drink any caffeine or alcohol. I also refrain from taking any unnecessary medication. I stick to herbal remedies when I do need things like pain relief or hormone balance.

  • kstorm234

    My getting pregnant checklist:

    - Work on getting any weight problems under control

    - If either you or your partner smoke, quit

    - Get on prenatal vitamins

    - Balance out your diet

    - Get moving

    - Start weaning yourself off alcohol

    - Begin limiting the lattes

    - Scale back on extreme exercise

    - Decrease your stress

    - Get plenty of sleep

    - Potential daddies - avoid cottonseed oils