When will I start to show?

Real Mom Problem

“I'm 13 weeks, and everyone that knows I'm pregnant comments on how I'm showing. The ones that don't know keep commenting that I've 'finally put on weight' or telling my family I look like I'm getting a belly. I'd be offended if I wasn't pregnant. When did you start getting a little bit of a bump, even if it wasn't that pregnant looking yet?”

by m0mmyheather m0mmyheather

Quick Tips

  • 1. Every mom's baby bump appears at different times, but many moms report starting to show between 12 and 20 weeks
  • 2. If this is not your first pregnancy, you'll probably start to show earlier this time than you did previously
  • 3. Many moms confuse early pregnancy bloating with starting to show
  • 4. Your pre-pregnancy size may help determine when you start to show

Real Mom Solutions

A baby bump is a beautiful thing, but when do you go from looking a little pudgy to clearly pregnant? See when these moms say they started to show.

Find Out When the Bump Appears

  • meg_003

    I'll be 16 weeks on Tuesday and I feel like I'm showing quite a bit. This is my first.

  • christineT79

    I'm pregnant with my first and I was showing really early on. Around 12 to 16 weeks I had a bump. I'm now 28 weeks and my bump is very big.

  • Titana

    This is my first pregnancy. I saw a change at 15 weeks but no one else noticed till about 22 weeks.

  • luvcloudydays

    Two months. I had twins.

  • Mrs_Szontagh

    I'm a 'big' girl, always had a tummy on me. So I didn't REALLY show until I was 6-7 months pregnant with my first. This time around, I'm 12 weeks and still not 'showing' but wearing bigger shirts and dresses due to comfort.

  • mrstheriault

    This is my first, and I started actually showing at 22 weeks. I was just kind of poochy before that, starting at 12 weeks.

Beware Early Pregnancy Bloating

  • Luv.My.Soldier

    Well with my first I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant till they started noticing, so around 20 weeks. Second was around 18 weeks, and this time I got SO bloated starting around eight weeks and "looked" pregnant, but of course the baby was still too small to be causing a bump so I'm sure it was just all the bloating. I'm 16 weeks now and the bloating is much better and I'm finally starting to get the real baby belly!

  • RyansMommie07

    With my first, not until about 18 weeks, and I was super thin at that time. With my second, closer to 15 weeks. This time, right about 12 weeks I started to look "newly pregnant." I'm about 40 pounds heavier now than I was with my first, so that may be it. But in all seriousness, the uterus doesn't grow out of the pelvis until about 12 weeks so any "bump" before that time is really just bloating, probably from the pregnancy hormones.

  • lovefromwithin

    Bloating was instant. I didn't actually start rounding out until 22 weeks but did start showing a little bit at 17 weeks. I actually grew a super round belly overnight at around 22-23 weeks.

You'll Show Earlier the Second Time

  • -mrs.mamma-

    With my second I noticed a difference at 12 weeks, but with my first it was probably closer to 19 weeks.

  • marine_wife0520

    With my daughter and son, it wasn't until after 20 weeks. This one was around 15-16 weeks and she is really, really high. I have a feeling I'm going to be HUGE and I weigh less right now than I did starting out my pregnancy with the other two.

  • LilByrd

    My first was about 16 weeks. I'm showing with my second now at 12 weeks. My doctor said it is because I had my little girl 15 months ago.