How should I tell my partner that I'm pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

“How did you tell your significant other you were pregnant? I haven't told mine that we're expecting yet, and have no idea how I'm going to tell him.”

by Jasper100 Jasper100

Quick Tips

  • 1. Getting your first positive pregnancy test is a major milestone that you'll want to share with your partner as soon as possible
  • 2. Moms break the news in many different ways, from taking the test together to baking cakes and other unique ideas

Real Mom Solutions

You got your first positive pregnancy test; now it's time to share the great news with your baby's father! Whether you show him the test immediately or surprise him in a special way, sharing the news with your partner will be a moment you won't forget. See how these moms shared their news to get some ideas.

Test Together

  • Mom2Just1

    Both pregnancies, we were together when I took the test. We found out it was positive together.

  • aidenmomplus4

    We were doing IVF with our first two. We had been counting down the days before we could test, so the first two times he was standing at the door watching me pee on a stick. It was the most unromantic thing ever but he was sure happy when they came back positive.

Try These Clever Ideas

  • tresproudmommy

    I wrote on one of my son's small t-shirts because my husband hates when I let him wear the ones that are too little and it read "My shirt is too little because I'm going to be a big brother." He read it and immediately started crying like a baby. It was so sweet.

  • Louzannalady

    I wrote on a piece of cake we were pregnant and showed it to him. He kept asking, "No way?! REALLY?! No way?!" He was in shock, because we had an ectopic pregnancy rupture and we only have one tube. The doctors told us we could conceive naturally, it would just take a while with only one tube. Guess not! We became pregnant three months after we lost our baby and my right tube.

  • Jade89

    He had no idea I was going to test. He was at work and I took three tests. They were shockingly positive. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a few more and also grabbed some cute onesies that said "Dad's number one fan" and "I love daddy" and some baby books and pacifiers, a card and a cute baby blanket . I went home and took the other tests, all positive. I arranged everything in a cute basket, and covered it with a towel. I went to his job, I asked him if we could go to his office (he thought I had gotten another puppy because all he could see was a towel over a basket!). I told him to turn around, I uncovered it and he almost passed out!

  • lillucky8

    I texted him a picture of the test.

  • FarmGirl2B

    I just said, "This must be your fertile time of year." All he said was, "Really!" He shook his head with a big smile on his face. All three of our kids will have birthdays within two weeks of each other.

He's Got a Feeling...

  • LRay121

    We were not trying, but I was two days late and before bed he said, "I bet you are pregnant." I said, "No way but I'll test in the morning." Slept soundly, woke up, took the test expecting a negative but it was IMMEDIATELY positive! I thought he was still sleeping, but when I came out of the bathroom he was laying there with his eyes closed, smiling ear to ear and said, "A July baby, huh?"

  • amber710

    We were trying to get pregnant so we were regularly taking tests together. We took turns being the one who checked them. One day it was his turn to check the test and he walked out with a big smile holding the positive test. He knew before I did!