When should I tell my employer that I'm pregnant?

Real Mom Problem

“I have a female boss who is not very sympathetic to pregnant employees. I have heard the horror stories, and her moods change daily. I am four months pregnant and I hate hiding my little blessing. How should I handle it? I don't want any additional stress.”

by anamo79 anamo79

Quick Tips

  • 1. Consider waiting until the end of your first trimester when your risk of miscarriage is significantly reduced
  • 2. If your job puts you or your baby at risk, it's best to reveal the news right away
  • 3. If you're worried about sharing the news, wait until you're ready

Real Mom Solutions

It's hard to decide the best time to share your pregnancy news with your boss or coworkers. See what these moms suggest.

Wait till Your Second Trimester

  • Devious103102

    I'd wait till you're at least 12 weeks pregnant before you tell them anything at work.

  • vwd_johnson

    I'd wait until you're around 14 - 15 weeks pregnant to tell your employer. Always best to wait till the second trimester in case, God forbid, you lose the baby.

  • kris0921

    I was straightforward with my boss. No one who's above me has kids. I was scared to death to tell them I was pregnant because I had not been working there for too long, but I waited until I was 12 weeks. My boss isn't any different toward me since knowing. I also feel it's better for you to tell your boss then for her to hear it from someone else.

These Moms Wait as Long as Possible

  • heather4511

    I'm 35 weeks and still haven't told anyone at work other than the scheduling department and the nurses.

  • Janjan29

    I just told my boss I'm pregnant at six months along.

  • Ladysigma07

    I personally would hold off on telling my employer I'm pregnant for as long as possible unless, something occurred where I had no choice.

  • sleepymommy87

    I didn't tell my work I was pregnant until I started to show. It's none of their business until it starts to affect your ability to work, so I wouldn't say anything until you're much further along if you don't want to.

Tell Sooner if It Affects Your Work

  • adorablenessx

    If anything you do at work poses a threat to your baby's health, I would mention you're pregnant.

  • kelly617

    I had to tell my boss as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I work around a lot of really nasty chemicals so I had to be moved to another area for my pregnancy. So I told him when I was about four weeks.

  • AliciaOlson

    I am an up-front person. I told my boss I was pregnant right away. I get really sick and wanted them to know what was going on. I didn't announce it to everyone at work right away, though. If you want to maintain clear communication, I would tell them.

  • mommy2clarke

    I told my boss when I was five weeks pregnant because I work in a high-risk environment. I work in surgery so I am exposed to radiation, needle sticks, and different diseases and infections. So I told my boss early so that we could take precautions for the baby during my pregnancy.