How will I cope without pain medication?

Real Mom Problem

“I have an extremely low pain tolerance. Does anyone know of anything that I might be able to do to increase my pain tolerance for the big day?”

by schicht24 schicht24

Quick Tips

  • 1. Moms have dozens of ways of coping without pain medication, including moving, showering, and making as much noise as you need to
  • 2. Breathing through contractions, rocking on a birthing ball, and sucking on ice chips have also helped moms in natural labor
  • 3. Always discuss your pain management options and preferences with your doctor or midwife before going into labor

Real Mom Solutions

If you've decide to labor naturally, you'll want as many medication-free methods of easing your pain as possible. These moms share what helped them ease their pain during natural birth.

  • GoddessNDaRuff

    Remember, just when you think you can't do it anymore, I mean like you start thinking "I'm going to die if I keep this up," it's over. It will be time to push. Educate yourself because managing the pain will take mental fortitude that if you aren't completely motivated and dedicated to what you are doing you will ask for meds. My personal motivation? The thought of that long needle in my back. I'm terrified of needles so that's all I needed. You just have to find your own do-or-die motivation.

  • PhiLLy-StyLe

    With my first two labors, the only thing that got me through it was closing my eyes, having a quiet room, and knowing that I'll never have to take on more than one contraction at a time. Every second that passes in my labor is a second gone, one I'll never have to live through again. I guess I meditated through each contraction.

  • Faithsmom2010

    Laughter. My husband had me cracking up in the labor room. Contractions didn't seem as bad when he kept my mind off of them.

  • nickigoingon8

    I basically turned on my side where I was comfortable and I breathed through every contraction. I refused to tense up when one came because I knew it would only make them feel worse.

  •  mommyofblueyes

    The one thing that really helped me cope with the pain was ice chips. Sounds crazy, but during contractions I ate ice chips. It was amazing how much it helped. I was really focused on the crunching of the ice. My sister and my husband said I was making orgasmic sounds.

  • Pandapanda

    Water! I sat down in the birthing tub both times and I was in heaven!

  • Mrs.Andrews

    The best thing for me to get through the pain during labor was to keep moving. Walk, rock on a rocking chair or on a birthing ball, sway your hips anything that keeps you moving through the contractions. Water can also be a wonderful pain reliever. I used breathing a lot to get through my first birth. Focusing on my breathing kept me calm and in control.

  • nebraskamomof3

    I liked going in my shower and turning the sprayer on the hardest setting and letting it pound on my back. It felt so good for my back labor! Also the birthing ball helped a lot because I could rock through the contractions.

  • meam4444

    I think just listening to the body helps a lot. I just did what my body told me to do, whether it be jumping, groaning, etc.