How much weight should I gain during pregnancy?

Real Mom Problem

“I know I'm not supposed to 'diet' but I have been gaining weight furiously this pregnancy. I don't want to end up pushing 200! I'm only 5 '2!”

by earthmama727 earthmama727

Quick Tips

  • 1. The amount of weight you should gain depends on how much you weighed before your pregnancy
  • 2. Women in a normal pre-pregnancy weight range should gain about 25 to 35 pounds
  • 3. Don't try to "eat for two." Instead, eat healthily and add a few hundred extra calories each day
  • 4. It's OK to indulge your cravings occasionally!
  • 5. Always share any weight gain concerns you have with your doctor or midwife

Real Mom Solutions

Are you worried you are gaining too much weight during your pregnancy? Do you fear you're not gaining enough? Find out how the moms of CafeMom handled their pregnancy weight gain.

See How Much These Moms Gained

  • kelsiey

    I gained 18 total with my daughter. This time I have gained 28 pounds at 25 weeks.

  • LilSarahgirl

    I gained 30 pounds and it was all gone by the time baby was three months. Now, will I be able to maintain that during this pregnancy? Who knows? I've heard it's tougher your second time. But I'm going to try!

  • ikesmommy200

    I think if you were a healthy weight to begin with, at 20 weeks you should have gained about 11-13 pounds. With this pregnancy I started a little overweight and had severe morning sickness so I had only gained about three, maybe four, pounds at 20 weeks. I'm at 30 weeks now and have gained about seven to eight pounds.

  • -mrs.mamma-

    I wasn't worried about gaining too much with either of my boys. I ate what I wanted to when I wanted to. I gained 32 pounds with my first, and 19 pounds with my second.

  • Char07

    I eat when I'm hungry and save junk for an occasional thing. I gained 35 with my first (way, way too much fast food), and 10-15 with my next two.

Don't Stress About Your Weight

  • Gabeys_Mommy

    Weight gain in pregnancy is extremely stressful. One week you eat barely anything and gain five pounds, another you eat a lot and stay the same. Stressing over it will drive you bonkers.

  • Devious103102

    Don't focus so much on the pounds, just eat well and stay active.

You Are Not Eating for Two

  • jakesmom323

    I think everyone "eats for two" with their first one, then the second one comes along and they're like, "WOW, not doing that again!" I went from 128 pounds to 194 pounds! It took a lot of dedication to get that flub off.

  • jadsmummy

    You are NOT eating for two. You only need a few hundred extra calories a day. It's like a banana and a glass or two of milk extra.

  • Innocencedreams

    Eat healthy, stay active, and stay hydrated. It's a myth that you have to gain insane amounts of weight during pregnancy, or that you are eating for two. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising should not have you gaining weight. The most a woman with a healthy body weight pre-pregnancy should gain during a singleton pregnancy is about 35 pounds, and that is on the high end.

It's OK to Indulge Occasionally

  • KristiDLee23

    I'm not pigging out, but when I have a craving I'm going to let myself have it. I'm 33 weeks and I've gained 25 pounds so far. I'll have that off in no time after baby's born. I gained 60 with my son. It was horrible but luckily it dropped right off within two months.

  • MedievalMama

    My only concern with weight gain during pregnancy was just that I wanted to stay comfortable, and if possible not gain it too fast. I decided early on when I was dealing with bad morning sickness and losing weight rapidly because of it, that if I was craving something I would indulge myself. Because eating a whole pizza is better for me than not being able to eat anything at all. I'm just glad I'm nearing the end; my double chin is getting annoying.